Tighten Up Cream

Tighten Up Cream

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Want sex to feel just like the first time again? Time to add tighten up cream to your collection. Long lasting shrink cream enhances the tightening sensation, heightening sensation for both him and her. The long lasting formulation of this tighten up cream is water soluble and unscented.

Long lasting tasteless, unscented water soluble creme. Apply by massaging into vaginal tissue, allow 10-15 minutes to take effect. Tighten up cream is safe to use with condoms and toys and comes in a .25oz tube.

Tighten Up Cream for Tighter Sensations

Let's admit it, nothing compares to the tight feeling of the first time, but with tighten up cream, you can come close. By rubbing the tighten up shrink cream into vaginal tissue, the vaginal walls will tighten, enhancing friction during sexual intercourse. The tighten up cream is paraben and scent free, so it is gentle on the genitals. For more shrink creams, check out China Shrink Cream.
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