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CondomDepot.com's goal is to promote a positive safer sex message, while being the nation's top resource for purchasing safe sex products.  One of the ways that we have been able to spread this safe sex message is through our sponsorships of numerous MMA fighters.  

Our company is not just about promoting our name and increasing sales: these sponsorships have enabled us to make millions of people around the world aware that there is a reliable resource to purchase condoms, personal lubricants, dental dams, and more, in a discreet manner, and from the comfort of their own home.

Condom Depot also works with numerous non-profit organizations to provide the best condoms for safer sex educational programs at an affordable price. We pride ourselves on being more than just a store that sells condoms and other safe sex products. We are also a learning resource where people can read about the latest topics on sexuality, safer sex, and STDs.   

We would like to continue to spread our safer sex message and assist with your sponsorship needs. We receive a number of sponsorship requests on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we also have a limited budget and cannot agree to every request that we receive. We do review each request that is submitted to us and do appreciate that your organization wants Condom Depot as a sponsor.

If you are interested in Condom Depot sponsoring your event, please fill out the below contact form.  We will try to respond in a timely manner. 


We receive hundreds of requests daily for sponsorships. Due to the large amount of MMA organizations and the huge number of unknown MMA fighters we will only consider MMA fighters that are fighting in bouts that are to be televised LIVE on SPIKE TV, CBS, ABC, FOX (not FOX SPORTS) or NBC.

We simply do not have the time to answer all requests. You may still submit a request and we will contact you if we are interested. We do not accept phone calls for sponsorships. Sorry. 

We Thank You In Advance For Your Understanding.

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Be specific with event details: Where this event will be seen, sponsorship price, etc.

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