Spicy Waterproof Rabbit

This powerful waterproof rabbit vibrator will flood your senses with orgasmic pleasure. The Spicy Waterproof Rabbit offers powerful multi-speeds. The strong vibrations are felt throughout this entire toy, giving you maximum pleasure. The rabbit shaped stimulator is curved and shaped to give your clitoris the perfect massage. Made of a soft material, this vibrator is also comfortable to use. Textured shaft increases your pleasureful sensations

The Spicy Waterproof Rabbit is a fantastic toy to use in the tub, shower, or pool. Enjoy some private time with this waterproof toy. Whether you are in or out of the water, this vibrator is easy to operate. Choose between its multi-speeds with just the turn of the dial. This waterproof vibrator is guaranteed to give you an orgasmic bath time experience.


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Spicy Waterproof Rabbit Specs

Length 6-3/4"
Made Of Non-Latex Silicone
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 5/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 6/10Powerful
Powered By 2 AA Batteries
Speed Multi-Speed
Width 1-3/4"


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