Spicy Rabbit

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Spicy Rabbit Vibrator - This exciting dual vibrator will make your whole body quiver with its explosive levels of vibrations and scintillating shaft rotation. While some sex toys end up disappointing, the Spicy Rabbit offers the power, the comfort of quality materials, and the ease of use that guarantees a total orgasmic experience.

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The Spicy Rabbit allows you to take total control. Choose just the right speed of shaft rotation and level of vibration on the rabbit stimulator with the simple to use corded controller.

Why choose the Spicy Rabbit? The Spicy Rabbit gives double the pleasure with the ability to simultaneously stimulate your most sensitive sexual zones with the rotating shaft for a intense vaginal stimulation and its rabbit vibrator that is perfectly positioned to give your clitoris a vigorous massage.

- Beaded pearl shaft rotates inside you as the anatomically correct rabbit ears work your clitoris to a powerful orgasm.
- Independent multi-speed controls for clitoral vibration and shaft rotation
- Special reverse button allows you to switch up the action.

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Spicy Rabbit Specs

Made Of Soft Jelly Tip and Covering (NON-LATEX)
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 7/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 8/10Powerful
Powered By 3 AA Batteries (not included)
Speed Multi-Speed
Length 6"
Width 1-3/4"

Spicy Rabbit Reviews

4.6 star rating (138 reviews) write a review
Anonymous - - 5 Stars

...this is unbelievable...I feel bad for guys!!!

Maria - San Francisco - 5 Stars

My boyfriend bought thisfor me and mmm I'm a beliver.This made me orgasm 3 times in 10 mintues. I feel bad for my boyfriend cause now i dont need him, ha ha.

Lynn - Maryland - 5 Stars

Holy jesus! Came in the first 30 seconds... No lie!

SDM - South Carolina - 5 Stars

OMG!! I received my Spicy Rabbit today, let's just say that I have found a new best friend! I actually screamed out in pleasure the first, well really each time I used it! I have never felt anything like this, at least not from a vibrator! And it doesn't argue or leave the toilet seat up! Woo Hoo! Is this the perfect man? Awesomely pleased...

Sol - Central Coast, CA - 5 Stars

It's my first toy, and I am hooked!!! I had my first real orgasm with this bunny and it has made me want to try other toys. The only bad thing is that it is not ergonomic, so it can be a little hard on the wrists, depending on your positions. Overall, great first vibrator.

Elisabeth - Clayton,NY - 4 Stars

My husband is in iraq and he got this for me, and lets just say I am enjoying it.

Birdie - Scranton, NJ - 5 Stars

I am not an easy one to get goin', but this vibe really hit the spot...all the ladies out there, buy this if you have $45 to spare...and guys, if you are tired of working so hard getting your women to the edge, save yourself a lot of time and energy and just get this...

Kathy - Sacramento, CA - 5 Stars

WOW... just got this (its mt first toy) and i don't know about how long it will last or anything, but man is it doing its job really well now!

Jackie - North Carolina - 5 Stars

Had my most intense orgasm ever! INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much Spicy Gear.

anonymous - Spfld, MO - 4 Stars

This is my first toy--and I can't hardly put it down... Didn't really know what to expect--But I think I'm addicted!!

Jay - Los Angeles, CA. - 5 Stars

This thing is fantastic. I had my doubts about the product, but they dissolved by the time I hit my third orgasm in a row. Highly recommended. I'm still purring as I type. :)

Lynn - PA - 4 Stars

Wow, very very nice little bunny. Came in 1minute flat...hehe. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the little bunny ears...omg!! So why the 4 stars and not five...well, it's a little noisy, but not terrible. I was able to put on a movie for the kids downstairs while I "relaxed" upstairs for a minute. Awsome and definitely worth the money!! Next time I'll buy the waterproof one...then I can use it in the shower so it wouldn't be so loud.

Sarah - Phoenix, Az - 5 Stars

This is my first toy and it is amazing! It's my new love!

Mary Antonucci - State College, PA - 5 Stars

Love my spicy rabbit. Has given me hours of pleasure while my boys are in school.

Scott - Fenton - 5 Stars

I ordered & received the spicy rabbit without my girlfriend's knowledge. I gave her a message then blind folded her so she couldn't see it. Within 3 minutes she was moaning & writhing like crazy. She asked me if I wanted her to come that soon & I told her no. She held out as long as she could while I was getting a little something. We'll see how it hold up but based on a couple uses, this is the best we've seen. Thanks for the reviews, they are why I picked the spicy rabbit.

Teresa - Philadelphia, PA - 5 Stars

You definitely don't need lube with this thing because girls - it will get you so wet! I bought this toy because of all the great reviews. And everyone was right! Who knew that a little rabbit could be so amazing in bed. My Spicy Rabbit doesn't smell like other reviews said. If you want an incredible orgasm that will leave your legs twitching and numb, I highly recommend this rabbit. ;)

A - Beautiful, Sunny - 5 Stars

The best I have ever tried. You will not be disappointed, excellent toy :)

Anna K - Boston MA - 5 Stars

This is the first toy I ever bought and now I am a firm believer that every woman should have a spicy rabbit under her mattress.

Anonymous - Mississippi - 5 Stars

All I can say is wow. I am a 40 year old woman who's never had an orgasm. This is my first toy ever. I had an orgasm in less than 5 minutes. Oh my! I highly recommend this as it's the best $35 I've ever spent!!!

Lee - Houston, Texas - 4 Stars

Never actually knew what an orgasm was until I tried this-- and sweet Lord, it was brilliant. This is the best!

Brandi - Fort Worth, TX - 1 Stars

I ordered this toy when my Decadent Indulgence 3 "died" after 2 years of play. I thought I would save some $ and the reviews raved about this toy. I received it today, as you can imagine, I was quite excited and ready to play with it ASAP. I was incredibly disappointed with this whole toy!!! The texture is all wrong, it smells funny, the beads jam with even the lightest pressure, it is not very powerful in general...and worst of all...the clit stimulator does not "do it" for me! It probably took about 8 minutes or so with the Rabbit to reach orgasm and I was exhausted with the effort required on my part to even accomplish that feat! With my DI-3 I can orgasm within seconds...NO JOKE...of turning it on! I can orgasm to my hearts content with the DI-3...seriously one after another, just takes batteries! I require both G-spot and clit stimulation to reach orgasm and this particular toy did not work well for me at all. I recommend the Decadent Indulgence line. This toy was a waste of $ in my opinion.

Brandi - Fort Worth, TX - 1 Stars

I ordered this toy when my Decadent Idulgence 3 died after 2 years of play. After reading all the rave reviews, I thought I would save the $ and go with this cheaper toy. I am incredibly disappointed with this purchase...a complete waste of $. It takes only seconds...literally...to reach my first orgasm with the DI-3...and there are multiple after that! With the Rabbit, it took forever and it required much more effort on my part to get to that point...it was not even a great orgasm once I reached it! Also, the construction is poor...the beads jam with even the lightest pressure and it is quite loud. Going to order a new DI toy!

ali - illinois - 5 Stars

This product was my first vibrator, and I am glad that I bought it.

Johanna - Simpsonville, SC - 5 Stars

This is the second toy I've bought from SpicyGear and the first was good, however this one fully blows the other out of the water. It's for sure my new best friend. (And I didn't think it smelled bad at all)

lewis - carolina - 5 Stars

I brought this for my wife to try. She has glass dildos and plastic vibes which are ok but not the one. Last night she tried the Rabbit, and had big O in short order. She's looking forward to really take it for a solo spin.

Enticing - New York, NY - 4 Stars

My boyfriend purchased this lovely toy for me. Since it was my first toy, i was excited before i got it but i was a little scared to use it when i got it. It has this awful rubber smell at first but after a few washes it's okay now. It is also quite loud, but performance wise, it 's as good as i thought it would be. i recommend it. enjoyyy!

Jeni - Palm Beach, FL - 3 Stars

Very fast shipping. But my man does it better. It'll be great for when he's out of town, though.the ears kinda hurt me, but the rest was good.

hotdaddy - ABQ,NM - 5 Stars

Just order words from my wife was "Makes me horny thinking about it!" can not wait to get it so we can start using it together or over the phone>

Alyssa - Gardnerville, Nevada - 5 Stars

this is amazing. my first and last vibrator.

Karen - Auburn, AL - 4 Stars

This is my first toy, and it was a little intimidating when I took it out of the box and put the batteries in; didn't stop me from enjoying myself though. It's a little loud, and a little awkward to use in some positions, but so far so good.

jenn - tampa, Florida - 5 Stars

This is the BEST vibrator ever!!!! I had an orgasam that put tears in my eyes within 3 minutes!!!

Littlepeep - Lansdale, PA - 5 Stars

WOW! This toy is awesome.
I am well satisfied.

RH - Onalaska, WI - 5 Stars

I've just ordered the ultimate rabbit, and I' can't wait to try it out! I've never had an orgasm before, and I figure it's high time I do! I'm just hoping this toy will be more dependable than the men in my life!

Rachel - Onalaska, WI - 5 Stars

The Spicy Rabbit is AMAZING! It's my first sex toy, and it's the only one I'll ever need! I had no idea it was possible to orgasm so quickly! I mean, it took only about 30 seconds the first time! I am in love! I feel so bad for all the poor guys out there who just can't compete with the Spicy Rabbit!

Rachel - Fort Worth, TX - 5 Stars

I bought this product in red, and it is truly the best valentine I've ever had. I have had one vibrator before, but it was nothing compared to this. I have never been more satisfied in bed, especially not with a man.

Anonymous Male - Florida - 4 Stars

What can I say? I feel out of place here because I'm a man. I got this for my wife to help when I'm away working long hours. I was a bit intimidated about this toy at first based on the reviews here, because I wanted something that works but didn't want to replace myself in the sack..heh. Guess I didn't realizes it till now that I'm a much bigger and better joy ride that this Spicy Rabbit. This product does work very well however as a vibrator. She didn't want me to get this rabbit at first, but I can tell she liked it alot with my help controlling and guiding the experience. There was a few annoying times that the rotator would stop for a while but then I'd adjust the controls and it would work again.

Amanda - Tampa. Florida - 4 Stars

This thing feels great! The ears feel incredible and it is still working fine after six months.

Lexi - Houston, texas - 5 Stars

So this is my first toy. I was a little confused on what to buy and a little scared to actually use one. BUT i received this 2 days after my order and all i can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! This little thing is amazing!! I feel so bad for any guy out there!!! LOL...so if your skeptical about this toy don't be!!! ALL the hype is true!!!

Emily - California - 5 Stars

This thing rocks!!

Lita Hawkins - Wheaton, Md. - 4 Stars

Wow! I love it I was a virgin to sex toys but not anymore I had an orgasm in about two minutes of using it! The clitoral stimulation is wonderful and the shaft is even better it's very powerful I don't need a man as long as I've got my spicy rabbit!

anonymous - southern NH - 5 Stars

Oh My God! This is great with or without a man!

Lola - Stamford, CT - 5 Stars

I just got mine yesterday, but I can tell you already that I'm addicted! It's totally worth... It works wonders!!!

SuziQ - Michigan - 5 Stars

I have made use of my Rabbit for several years now, and enjoy it so much that I ordered one for my sister and my mother.

Tiffany - Maryland - 4 Stars

It just came today, and I was so excited, needless to say i was a little disappointed that the clit vibrator was so close to the penis part but it still gave me the fastest orgasm it'd ever had. I just wish it was longer so that you could go deeper.

anonymous - texas - 4 Stars

My boyfriend lives in another another town (about 10 hours away) and I bought this to kind of tide me over in between the times I see him. not as good as sex, but definitely gets the job done. This was my first toy, I would highly recommend it.

sara - fl - 5 Stars

Such intense orgasms!!

Anne - Aberdeen, NC - 5 Stars

I was a virgin to vibrators. I was nervous about ordering but after reviews decided to. Got it in the mail yesterday and have used three times with wonderful results.

Jessie - MA - 4 Stars

loved the total privacy thing, would totally order from you again! have had rabbit style vibrators before and whilst this wasn't as strong or as good it is a bargain at the price and gave me a good orgasm. This is my new best friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy customer - West Fargo, ND - 4 Stars

It by far does it's job! It does smell like other reviewers said and the ears are a little prickly, but it gets me where I want to be faster than my man and better than any vibrator I've tried.

Sophia - Grand Rapids, MI - 5 Stars

Just got mine today...took a little bit to get used to and wow! It feels amazing! I like my husband better, but when he's away this does the trick! Every woman should get one :)

anonymous - kansas - 5 Stars

OH MY GOD. This is my first toy and I love it. I can't put it down!!

Jenny - Orlando, FL - 5 Stars

Yowsa! Orgasm in three minutes flat and still tingling four hours later.

Brittany - Powell,Oh - 5 Stars

This is the first vibrator i have ever bought and I was skeptical at first, but ladies, I HIGHLY recommend this! It took me probably 10 minutes to figure it completely (i thought it was bad batteries but it wasn't). But again, even for a novice, this is excellent!

Morgan - Maplewood, NJ - 3 Stars

this is my second vibrator, and i got it about a year ago because i was looking for some variety. The shaft doesn't rotate quite as much as i'd like, and the bunny ears, while cute, aren't stable enough to really stimulate my clit. the shaft's thickness is ok, but overall i wasn't as impressed as i thought i'd be. i still use it frequently in combination with another massager for my clit, only because the Rabbit's shaft is thicker than that of my other vibe.
I'm only saying this because i wish i had saved up for one of the deluxe models. everyone's great reviews persuaded me to buy the Rabbit, but if getting off takes a little work, i recommend another model. Spicygear has a lot of great toys to choose from, and i'm hoping to find my ideal vibrator soon!

J. - Brooklyn, NY - 5 Stars

This is my first vibrator.I was a little nervous about getting this one, but I tried it out as soon as I got it...I had 3 outrageous orgasms right away! I think I have a new best friend...

Anonymous - Miami - 5 Stars

Best thing ever!

Rachel - Phoenix, AZ - 5 Stars

This was the 4th toy I bought in a search for something that really worked. Truth is, I was a virgin looking for something that wouldn't hurt me but would get the job done too. When I first used it, I didn't notice anything all that special about it, but let's just say I use it a lot now! This little baby can easily make me "happy" 3 times in less than 10 minutes! I LOVE this toy and would recommend it to anyone! It is a little loud and the rabbit can be hard to position, but with saying that, I would buy this again in a heartbeat! It was well worth the the money!!

Katie - Ruston, LA - 5 Stars

I'm so glad my husband bought me this. It is my first toy and it was amazing. I have never had an orgasm as quickly or as intensely as what I got from this product. It also came in the mail very fast. I got it 2 days after I'd ordered it and I didn't get expedited shipping or anything. I am extremely happy with the product and the service. Thanks!

Katie - Ruston, LA - 5 Stars

I'm so glad my husband bought me this. It is my first toy and it was amazing. I have never had an orgasm as quickly or as intensely as what I got from this product. It also came in the mail very fast. I got it 2 days after I'd ordered it and I didn't get expedited shipping or anything. I am extremely happy with the product and the service. Thanks!

Shan - Denver, CO - 3 Stars

This feels great and hits me right where I need it. However, it is not built to last. I am on my third one and that's over about 3 years with once or twice a week use. I wish it would last longer.

Single Again - St. Petersburg, Florida - 4 Stars

Bought this as my first vibrator right after my husband left me. Not the cure for a broken heart, but definitely gets the pleasure part done.

Anonymous - LA - 5 Stars


Anonymous - LA - 5 Stars

Tried it for the first time today and had an orgasm in less than 20 seconds. I'm not kidding; you gotta try this!

JAY - LASVEGAS - 5 Stars

OMG!!!!.first time user,WOW.i was very skeptical at first,but now i have a NEW best friend. I experienced things never felt before and with more intensity. I would recommend the rabbit to anyone. Definitely worth the money.

Julie - Waukesha, WI - 5 Stars

Never thought I had a G-spot but boy was I wrong! This toy hit it and then some! I've never, ever had an orgasm like that before. Too bad real men can do what this little guy does!

Allison - Rome, Georgia - 5 Stars

Wow! That's all I can say! This thing is absolutely amazing! It just might put my boy-friend out of business! Definitely money well spent!

Sarah and Michael - Tucson Arizona - 5 Stars


Maggie - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

I just got this toy in the mail today, and I had trouble putting it down! Its the best toy one can get for this price!

This guy has just the right amount of power, and it moves in all the right places!

Its not my first toy, but its definitely the best!

Teresa - Philadelphia, PA - 5 Stars

You definitely don't need lube with this thing because girls - it will get you so wet! I bought this toy because of all the great reviews. And everyone was right! Who knew that a little rabbit could be so amazing in bed. My Spicy Rabbit doesn't smell like other reviews said. If you want an incredible orgasm that will leave your legs twitching and numb, I highly recommend this rabbit. ;)

Jamie - St Augustine, Florida - 5 Stars

Awesome vibe for the price! I am very pleased with my purchase:)

Raven - Eau Claire, WI - 5 Stars

I've had two Spicy Rabbits over the past few years. It works every time for me! The size is just right, and the vibrations are amazing. The only down side is they don't last super long - the vibrating rabbits stop working after about a year of regular use. I decided to explore other toys (Tickle Bear, the Pegasus, and the Impulse Jack Rabbit), thinking that since they were more expensive, they'd last longer and work better, but none of them worked for me at all! And they were a huge waste of money! I ordered my third Spicy Rabbit today, and I'm so excited to get it back!

Colleen - Seattle, WA - 2 Stars

I bought this product in 2008. The rabbit feature is amazing! However, the overall product died within 2 years of use. Literally--the rabbit mechanics on the vibrator stopped working. I was kind of disappointed that it was not a long-lasting, sustainable product. I guess you have to decide if its worth two years or not. I think it was! :)

Rose - MA - 4 Stars

I like it. It requires a little getting used to - i would prefer a bit more length insert and a bit fuller. The rotation stimulates the perineum which is interesting. Sex toys are all about knowing your body, but this is a good beginner toy. It will send you, and I bet it would throw a newbee through the ROOF! (Ah, the days when a running bath was all it took)! The ratio between the clit and the insert is a little off (for me, a little short) I found but the toy is so bendable that this is easily adjusted, so it should work for all ratios. The bunny ears are wonderful. A nice addition!

Kat - LA - 1 Stars

I don't know who designed this piece of junk but it sure wasn't with anyone's pleasure in mind. The ears are too far away to do anything and the rotation is a lot of things but pleasurable is not one of them.

Shannon - Arnold, MO - 3 Stars

I was very excited to be ordering my first rabbit. The delivery was fast. I enjoy the rotating beads but the ears are not sturdy enough so I constantly have to reposition them. The ears arent intense enough and its a lot of work for a orgasm. When I finally do, it's amazing, but it takes a least 10 minutes. Im definitely going to order the Decadent Indulgence 3 rabbit next and hopefully it will be as amazing as the reviews say. I will still use this one but it hasn't lived up to what I've heard about rabbits

Danielle - Tucson, AZ - 4 Stars

Definitely a good-buy! Rabbit ears need to be repositioned a little, but it does deliver a nice orgasm regardless.

Paige - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

THE BEST!!! I have been disappointed by vibrators in the past. If you have too, look no further.

Margaret - Daytona, FL - 5 Stars

I've tried so many other toys, even OTHER RABBITS, and I still keep finding myself coming back to this one. Mine usually last a year but for the price and how well it works, I don't mind at all. It's powerful, not too loud under the covers, and cleans off well. The chord also holds up well under the torture I've put my previous ones though and is only reason I have to buy new ones every year. I'd recommend this toy to anyone. (Male or female) Just make sure if you're using it for anal play that you've worked up that far and have lube.

Kali - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

I'm 34 and this is my first vibrator. I really didn't know what to expect and honestly, I felt a little silly at first. But WOW!!! OH MY GAWD! Hot, intense orgasm like I've never had before after just a few minutes! After my heart stopped pounding, I went for it again. Another one, JUST LIKE THAT. Amazing. The best money I've ever spent.

Carol - FL - 5 Stars

I'm an from the boomer generation but without this excitment for almost 20 years . Wow! Just tried it and I can't stop now . Can't rate it (it is my first but not my last ) where has it been for all these years!!!

Anonymous - San Juan, PR - 5 Stars

This is my first toy and I love it .... is excellent 100% recomendation....

Anonymous - San Diego, CA - 5 Stars

Oh!! So, that's what an orgasm feels like!!! I cannot express my sexual relief, I'm so excited to finally experience satisfaction! This was my first vibrator purchase. I was unsure about the bunny ears vs. a traditional vibrator---REALLY glad I purchased the dual action!! I appreciate very much the classy informational website, and discreet shipping; happy customer, would highly recommend.

Mandy - Fort Collins CO - 1 Stars

I had this toy for about 2 weeks and it broke!!!

Karmelgoodiez - Lanham, MD - 4 Stars

This was my very first vibrator. As soo as I used it and set it to my liking I had an instant orgasm. It was amazing and I recommend this to ladies that want a good thrill that will make you feel wonderful. Buy this !!

Danielle - New York - 4 Stars

My first vibrator. Pretty good! Came twice. The ears are amazing. I wish the shaft vibrated itself.

Natalie - Pittsburgh, PA - 5 Stars

I bought this as my first toy. I've bought others since but this is my favorite and gives me an intense orgasm every time. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

NP - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

I've always wanted a vibrator and finally got the courage to break out of my conservative shell and bought this vibrator. I love the speed settings (gentle to powerful) and now I can't stop using it. Great for the 1st timer!

Satisfied in Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Alabama - 5 Stars

I have only had one sex partner, and let's just say, in our entire relationship he never gave, and I never came. EVER. I couldn't even get myself off, most likely related to how he made me feel about myself. Well, I did what any woman would do. I lost the guy, and learned to love myself. And I conquered the fear of sex toys, and bought one of these in blue. IT'S AMAZING! Sometimes I use it a few times a day. Let's just say I don't go without anymore! I would recommend this to anyone, even the first time user!

Holly - Carolina - 5 Stars

This is my first toy and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!! I don't know how I survived without this. Thank You So Much Spicy Gear!!

Dawn - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

I have NEVER had an orgasm like this made me have! It was PERFECT! Started in my toes and went all the way up. ;) Buy this vibrator now! You won't regret it!

Lynn - Ohio - 5 Stars

This is my first sex toy, and I was very "wowed!" My husband and I use it together, he likes that he can control the speeds and vibrations. And doesn't feel left out. It's boosted my sex drive, and I got off in 15 min. and that's never been easy for me to do.
I would say who ever made this product, they really knew what they were doing. Kudo's!!!!

Anonymous - Herkimer, NY - 5 Stars

just bought this vibrator, and let me tell you, I no longer need my husband, this does all the work without the exhaustion... wow will he be sad!!!!!

Mary - Port St Lucie, FL - 5 Stars

I wish I had this vibrator when I first started using vibrators. it would have saved me a whole lot of time and frustration. I always thought something was wrong with me but as it turns out I wasn't using the right toy.
This toy is powerful and quivering. It's a little louder then I wish it to be but I love how easy the controls are and how powerful the vibration gets. I've already recommended it to some of my friends.

Raven - Eau Claire, WI - 5 Stars

It was a bit difficult to get used to at first, but once I figured it out I loved it! The ears are AMAZING! They're pretty flexible, not so ridged that they hurt me. It gave me my first real orgasm ever! Kinda sad, but I'd rather spend time with my rabbit than my guy - he's not exactly God's gift.
My rabbit lasted me over a year. Sadly the vibrating bunny part died while I was using it, but I'm excited to order a new one! It's truly amazing!

Ashley - Augusta, Georgia - 2 Stars

This was my first rabbit and I wasn't impressed. The rabbit ears are too high up to really hit my clit at all and the shaft just wasn't much either. The only thing I REALLY liked was the rotating beads- the sensation was amazing!

Anonymous - NEW YORK - 4 Stars

so this came in the mail today! and i was pretty excited to use it since my boy wouldn't be around tonight, does the job.. not as amazing as the REAL thing, but it is my first "Toy".. the clit part is AMAZING though. without it, i probably wouldn't use this much.

Sita - Portland, OR - 2 Stars

This one was a bit of a bummer. It was anatomically incorrect. The bunny was about an inch away from where it needed to be. The pearls were uncomfortable as they pulled my skin. Then to top it off, the poor thing shorted out in just a week!

Jenn - Pensacola, FL - 5 Stars

This is amazing. Hits just the right spots, and the "reverse" option for rotation is a great feature for keeping things fresh and sensitive. Make sure you use lube, as the pearls can get a little irritating if you don't. As another reviewer said, it is a bit hard to on the hands/wrists (maybe the manufacturer could make a hands free version!), but it is well worth it. Buy this toy: you will not be sorry!

Jen - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

This is AMAZING! It feels wonderful...the shipping was free...arrived quickly, and just happens to be my favorite color:) Worth every penny!

Nicole - Orlando FL - 5 Stars

This was my first toy and WOW. It was the greatest experiance. I am hooked. I dont think I have ever had it this good before.

jenna - illinois - 5 Stars

this thing is amazing, awesome orgasms, 4 in five minutes i would recomend this to everyone, the only problem is its kind of smells like a skunk which i hope will go away, but its definately worth it!

Anonymous - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

WOw! If you're gonna buy a vibrator-this is THE ONE!!!!!!

Allie - Syracuse, NY - 5 Stars

As a non-expensive toy, this is the best that i've ever purchased. I've had it for a while now, and it never ceases to get me off. Try it, you'll like it!

Lindsay - Washington, DC - 5 Stars

I have three words for you: Wow, wow, and wow! This is absolutely amazing! I literally came in 45 seconds the first time I used it. imagine the perfect orgasm...this vibrator will make it a reality!

A.B. - Norwich, NY - 5 Stars

Awesome!!! must say that it was about the best $45.00 I've ever spent

Billy - St. Louis, MO - 5 Stars

I love this thing. Came in minutes. Still realing from using it. I love this

christ - Chicago,IL - 5 Stars

Awesome!@@ I love it

KK - Arkansas - 5 Stars

WOW! This is my first toy and I must say it doesn't get any better than this! If you are hesitant about ordering, don't be. The whole process was very confidential. It will be the best purchase you will ever make. There is a smell to the latex but you certainly don't care when it's doing it's job! Be sure to have batteries so you can try it out when it arrives.

Keisha - McComb, MS - 5 Stars

Amazing! This thing totally blew my mind. It's worth every penny & then some. My boyfriend's gonna be jealous.

A happy customer - Texas - 5 Stars

My first vibrator and it did the job right away within minutes! Worth it!

Janet - Houston, TX - 5 Stars

All the reviews are correct. This toy is amazing!!

Jeannie - Saint Louis, MO - 4 Stars

This is my first toy and I'm definately impressed! Makes me want to explore some other toys as well. Well worth the money

Holly - Kansas - 5 Stars

Very nice. My first vibrator ever, and it was the most intense orgasm I've ever felt. Definately worth the money!!

India - Coral Gables, FL - 5 Stars

This toy is unbelievable. Had orgasm after orgasm and kept wanting more...well worth the money!

Anonymous - Knoxville, TN - 5 Stars

Wow! This is my first toy & it gave me my first orgasm at 31 & I has not failed me yet! It makes me want to try more toys. I am a mother of 2 & my husband works nights so this is my best friend @ night. I think I'm addicted! Well worth the money.

Me - NYC, NY - 5 Stars

First sex toy I bought. BUY IT!

Pat - Houston,Tx - 5 Stars

Husband getting older, needed more help. This is first one, GREAT, this is not my last. I think I'm hooked.

Lizzie - Dallas,TX - 5 Stars

WOW! Never fails to get me off...eats batteries like candy but well worth it. I'd offer it a prenup if it was socially acceptable. Great value too!

Tammy G. - Tennessee - 5 Stars

The best $45 I've EVER spent.
It's absolutely perfect.

Lynn - Missouri - 5 Stars

I decided to buy myself a birthday present - well happy 21st birthday to me. It was definitely the best $45 I've ever spent. The women on here who say it works in 30 seconds aren't lying. It's definitely worth a try.

RL - IL - 5 Stars

This is the first vibrator that I've ever owned, but wow, I love it!!
I've had it for almost a year now, and with a lot of regular use it still works great. The batteries seem to last a lot longer than I thought they would, while still being powerful enough for me to reach orgasm in under a minute every single time!
Also, the controls are really nice. Since it's attatched by a cord, it's easy for me to control when I'm by myself, and at the same time it's easy for my boyfriend to control if he wants to use it on me =).. Most definitely worth the money.

Kim- Staff - Ta - 5 Stars

For those who are sensitive to latex, the powerful and ever popular Spicy Rabbit is made of soft silicone. The bunny ears are anatomically position for intense clitoral stimulation. Made of high quality internal and external parts, the Spicy Rabbit offers multiple speeds and individual controls for rotation and vibration.

Eric - Blanding, ut - 5 Stars

This was my wifes first vibrator and she loved it! The only problem that the control got dropped and the battery cover fell off, we taped it back on so we could get more time out of it. but it did finally die right in the middle of her orgasm...it went in the trash. We just purchased the decadent indulgence 2 and will let you know how she likes it.

Nicole - Iowa - 4 Stars

Has an AWFUL smell to it... but it is a great one for pleasure if you can stand the smell.

Jen - NJ - 5 Stars

So incredibly good and even has a 30 day warranty! The best toy I have ever had, it's too good to be true1

Mel - San Antonio, TX - 3 Stars

It's good for the price, but after several uses (my husband's in Iraq!) the shaft has jammed. The clitoral stimulation is great.

Deb - McAllen - 5 Stars

All I can say is: OH MY GOSH!!
This thing is FABULOUS!. I would of never of thought a device like this could feel so darn good! Unbelievable!!!

anonymous - LA, CA - 4 Stars

Good machine!

Laura - Idaho - 5 Stars

28 years old and had my first orgasm in 30 seconds!! I CRIED!!!

I had given up on ever having an orgasm, until I bought this toy - figured it would be a good way to try out the infamous "sex in the city" vibrator of choice without the expense!!!

Absolutely worth every penny spent and does not disappoint. Provides a VERY powerful well placed vibration on the clitoris while receiving amazing sensations within!

I'll never go to bed unsatisfied again!!!

Daisy - San Francisco, CA - 4 Stars

I've had other vibrators/dildos, but this is my first dual-action one. IT'S FABULOUS! 3 orgasms in less than 5 minutes! The rabbit ears are in such a perfect position. Good value also. And yes, it smells really foul, but I'll get use to it.

katina - andalusia,Al - 5 Stars

Oh my! Most awesome sex toy I have ever tried. There is no other vibe for me. It gave me the most intense orgasms ever and multiple. I didn't want to stop. I highly recommend this. I am telling all my friends.

Wendy - Iowa - 5 Stars

All I can say is "WOW". If I knew toys were this much fun, I would have tried them sooner!

Alicia - Massachusetts - 5 Stars

I have had this vibrator for about 3 years now. I absolutely love it and I actually need to buy a new one because I've almost worn my first one out. But be warned: it can spoil you to other vibrators because it is soooo good.

anonymous - Oklahoma - 5 Stars

WONDERFUL! It makes me orgasm so quickly, I love it! I am very pleased with my purchase.
I bought mine in pink and it is very cute.

Anita - California - 4 Stars

I love this toy but it kinda smells weird. besides that soooooo satisfying you can cum off just the clit stimulator and i like that they had it in different colors!!

anonymous - usa - 5 Stars

this is my first toy and i just love it!!! i''m getting addicted to it lol.
it is definitely worth the money, and they deliver it very fast with a discreet box, I'm very happy with my purchase.

Michelle - California - 4 Stars

This product is AMAZING. I didn't know what to expect because it was my first vibrator, but i LOVE it. It works so quickly and its a great pick me up in the morning ;)

Someone in the East - East Lansing, MI - 5 Stars

I've never had a toy before, I tried it for the first time today. Mine is really loud...I don't know if its supposed to be, but I expected it to be quieter so that was a little bit of a let down :(. The Beads make a crunching sound or something.. I didn't have an orgasm, but I didn't really get a chance to use it at its full potential yet. My boyfriend is sleeping I didn't want to wake him up ;). It seems powerful over all though and should be a great toy.

I can say that spicygear.com is super fast at delivery and I am satisfied with their service woohoo! I tried ordering from another site..and my stuff got put on backorder. So..time to cancel that one! Spicy was fast.

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