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WikiHow - September, 2016

By Lacy Windham, M.D.

How to Check a Condom

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WikiHow - July, 2016

By Co-authors

How to Put On a Condom with Foreskin

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Glamour - May 9, 2016

By Suzannah Weiss

Does He Really Need That XL Condom?

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Cosmopolitan - May 5, 2016

By Lane Moore

Here's How Big His Junk Really Needs to Be to Need a Magnum Condom

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Madame Noire Magazine - August 17, 2015

By Julia Austin

Facts About The Uncircumcised Man

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Her Campus - June 19, 2015

By Lily Herman

Everything You Need to Know About Condoms (But Were Scared to Ask)

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Men's Health - March 10, 2015

By Carrie Borzillo, Photography By ThinkStock

Foolproof Ways To Make Sure You ALWAYS Wear a Condom

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Men's Health - December 20, 2014

By Stephanie Bradford, Illustrations By George Eckart

The Best Way to Wrap Your Package for the Holidays

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LifeHacker - March 7, 2014

By Eric Ravenscraft

Use This Infographic to Help You Find the Right Sized Condom

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Better After 50 - January 16, 2014

By Walker Thornton

The Risks Are Real: STDs Over 50

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Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Realities

By Lee Harrington

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