World's Best Condom Sampler - Review

My partner and I are starting the new year off with a bang by sampling the World's 10 Best Condoms Sampler!

Worlds 10 Best Condoms Sampler

My partner and I are starting the new year off with a bang by sampling the World's 10 Best Condoms Sampler!

These condoms were picked by you - and other customers like you, through an extensive screening process by some of our most loyal customers. If you're interested in learning about the process of picking the world's best condoms, read about it here.

This condom sampler is stylish and sturdy. My partner and I have been looking for a good place to hoard our condoms for a long time, and I think this jar is the new candidate - after I work my way through the thirty condoms already within, of course.

Unlike our other exclusive Condom Samplers, such as our 100 Condom Sampler, these condoms are set in stone. This is exactly what you will receive:

Also Included:

Additional Notes:

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World's 10 Best Condoms Sampler - Review - Final Verdict
The The World's 10 Best Condoms sampler contains the best condoms currently on the market. Each and every one might not be your new favorite condom, but you will totally find something within this sampler to love!

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Ric - New Yoro, NY - 5 Stars

A great tin with a lot variety. Had great experiences with the Kimono Micro Thin and Durex Extra Sensitive (will try all three of each to see which is my favorite). Use any of these in conjunction with the vibrating Johnny and you and your partner will have a great time.

Modulo15 - San Diego, CA - 4 Stars

I was so excited when this package arrived. It was like another X-mas going through and seeing all the different types of condoms. We haven't even tried all of them yet. The only concern I have is that it comes with a few different sized condoms. The Beyond Seven condoms are a little too tight (because they are smaller), and I am afraid the Trustex Extra Large condoms may fit too loose (haven't tried them yet, not sure if I want to risk them). However, now I know not to buy those products individually. I highly recommend this product!

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