Wet Original Lubricant - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Wet Original Lubricant to the test! Here is where the Wet Original Lubricant ranks!

Wet Original Lubricant

Founded in 1989 Wet lube has had one mission - to stay wet longer. Does it live up to its goal? Find out in our product review after the jump.

Like condoms, not all lubes are created equal. Wet Original Gel is what I would consider to be a standard in lube. The litmus test as to which all other lubes are compared to. You can buy Wet Original Gel in a variety of forms from single use packets, to pillows, and bottle.

The single use packet of Wet Original is the most discreet in your pocket. It lays flat in your pocket and is likely great with tighter pants. (Note: I didn't have tight pants to demo these with, but I'm very confident with that assumption.) I paired these up with a KYNG Blue condom and was very happy with the overall combination of Wet Original and the condom.

Pros: Small size and form, Inexpensive

Cons: May be too little lube for some, Packet is difficult to open if you have lube on your hands.

If you are looking for something more discreet than a bottle of lube, but containing more than a single packet, then the Wet Original individual use pillows are for you. I like these quite a bit, and that has more to do with the unique package. The Wet Original lube is contained in a pillowed plastic container with a single use twist off top. Like the packets, this is really designed for a one time romp, but unlike the packets these individual use pillows contain way more lube. So if you are expecting some "extended play" with your partner but are traveling on a plane or somewhere else where a bottle of lube wouldn't be appropriate, then the pillows are right for your comfort.

Pros: More lube than the single use packets, Neat packaging.

Cons: Really only for travel use, you're better off with a bottle for home use.

Finally, you really can't go wrong with the bottled version of Wet Original. Unless you are trying to take it to the club, but that's what the packets are for. Wet Original isn't too runny or too thick, it has the right consistency to apply freely and comfortably. It also does a great job of staying lubricated for extended periods. Friendly advice though, keep it in a cool place, because even prolonged exposure to body heat can cause the lube to be more runny than expected and spilling lube on your sheets is never cool.

Pros: Great product for personal "at home" use, especially if you can find a great price.

Cons: Nothing "special" but that's not a bad thing.

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Wet Original Lubricant - Final Verdict
Overall I'm satisfied with Wet Original Gel. It doesn't do anything spectacular or different, but it does work and work well consistently. Definitely a great starter lube as you begin to explore more options.

3 Stars
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