Trustex Extra Large Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Trustex Extra Large Condom to the test! Here is where the Trustex Extra Large Condom ranks!

Trustex Extra Large Condom

There's a reason why so many of our reviewers call the Trustex Extra Large, "The Crown for bigger guys."

Crown Skinless Skins are our most popular condoms because they're extra thin and extra soft for latex condoms. But the problem is, they don't fit everyone. The Trustex Extra Large is comparable in feeling to the Skinless Skin but larger, so it's a great option if you find those too small, so long as you can do without that wonderful pink color.

You know I love big condoms. At 8.66" x 2.12", the Trustex Extra Large is the third longest condom that we carry, but it isn't skimping on the girth department either. Fair warning though - it is smaller that the Trojan Magnum XL when it comes to girth, so if you have a problem with room and you've found the Magnum XL to be the perfect fit, this is going to feel a tiny bit snug. It is, however, the same width as a regular Trojan Magnum without the tapered fit.

This Trustex condom comes, like most Trustex condoms, pre-lubricated with a water-based lube. While it is a nice and soft lube, for most people, it's not going to be enough. We recommend pairing it with a silicone lube, like Pjur's Original Body Glide, for maximum slickness.

And just on an off-hand note, I really love Trustex's packaging. Sometimes, you get kind of tired of the the shiny gold that Magnum set the gold standard for. Trustex's Extra Large comes in an awesome tie-dye package that makes it feel like you're opening a Laffy Taffy wrapper, not a condom. How fun!

For extra fun, try pairing it with a fruity flavored lube, like Trustex's own Strawberry Flavored lubricant to keep the candy feeling going for some oral fun. Even if you don't have something tasty on hand, this condom doesn't have a strong latex smell or taste, so if that makes you gag, you'll still be in the clear.

And if you still aren't convinced, this condom made our exclusive list of Best Condoms For Larger Penises!

Trustex Extra Large Condom - Final Verdict
If you're looking for the best, larger, latex alternative to Crown's Skinless Skin, look no further. The Trustex Extra Large condom needs no special features to show well-endowed users that it's top notch.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Mike W - Memphis, TN - 5 Stars

I just received these condoms and they are great. They ARE a little bit wider than the Magnum XL and are thinner for more pleasure. I searched and searched for condoms for something that was thin for pleasure, strong so it wouldn't break, wide for the shaft and base and protect against disease. In all this feels better than the Magnum XL and doesn't cut off my circulation like the other XLs do. Until I find something better or all STDs are eradicated I will stick with these.

Sarah - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

My b/f is extremely thick, and this is the only condom we have found that actually fits right. Also, he says it is thinner, so it is more sensitive. Also very low odor, and non irritating. The downfall was that we had one break, which in a years time, we had never had a break before switching to these. I would recommend these condoms.

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