Trojan Fire and Ice Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Trojan Fire and Ice Condom to the test! Here is where the Trojan Fire and Ice Condom ranks!

Trojan Fire and Ice Condom

My experience with the Trojan Fire and Ice Condom is probably the equivalent of jumping from a freezing cold swimming pool to a boiling jacuzzi, naked, in the snow. Not the best offering from Trojan Condoms.

I underestimated the power of the lubrication that is both inside (for his pleasure) and outside (for her pleasure) of the condom, and once my partner was fully inside of me I immediately became wide-eyed.

Most cooling lubricants contain small amounts of menthol, which helps to create that “icey” feeling, while warming lubricants contain the chemical glycerol, which is a thick sugar alcohol.

Both of these chemicals are safe for our bodies (and FDA approved), though some people may experience an allergic reaction similar to that of an allergic reaction to latex (i.e. itching, burning).

Personally, the feeling from the Fire & Ice condom was pleasant, and added a whole new tingly dimension to the experience, while my partner stated the sensation was dull, yet still noticeable.

Despite this, my partner was not a fan of the aftereffects of the experience, as he complained, upon removing the condom, of a feeling that was like a “hazardous chemical had been poured on his penis.” (To note: after washing his penis with hot water to remove the lubrication, the feeling subsided.)


This Product has Been Discontinued My Trojan in 2018

Trojan Fire and Ice Condom - Final Verdict
Though the Trojan Fire and Ice Condom adds that extra oomph to any sexual experience, my partner’s reaction to the lubrication was just too unpleasant to ignore. He admitted that the size was perfect and super comfortable, but the lubrication was “over the top” and almost took away from the experience for him, instead of adding to it.

I am glad I tried the Fire & Ice Condom, because it’s something I’d never experienced before, but I will definitely not be keeping these in my bedside table.

3 Stars
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