Trojan Ultra ENZ Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Trojan Ultra ENZ Condom to the test! Here is where the Trojan Ultra ENZ Condom ranks!

Trojan Ultra ENZ Condom

For those of you who love the tried and true and ever popular Trojan ENZ, now you can get the same quality and reliability you’ve come to rely on, with the added headroom in Trojan Ultra Enz condoms. In general, I am pro additional headroom, the only exception being in the event of a Christmas tree-shaped penis (smaller head, larger base).

And, at a whopping 2.5” head width, this condom has exactly as much around-the-tip roominess as the Magnum XL. I will say that due to the extremely vast head size and the subsequently large reservoir tip, there is ample room for those who tend to have an immense amount of ejaculate. So, this can be seen as an added safety feature.

As far as the rest of the condom is concerned, the size is as follows: 8.25” long x 2.06” base width (nominal width). This makes it an ideal size for those who are searching for a larger condom. The overall flared shape made the Ultra ENZ Comfort very easy to roll on, and I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of application.

Sadly, the lube that comes on this condom is not my cup of tea. I found it to be tacky and somehow dehydrating. I strongly advise anyone who uses this condom to add their own lubricant, both inside and outside of the condom, because there isn’t an adequate amount on the condom and what little is on it isn’t of a high enough quality to float my boat. Luckily, my trusty bottle of Pjur Light BodyGlide was on hand.

Like most Trojans, the smell of this condom is pretty horrendous and it never seemed to fade into the distance like some other less powerful latex scents do. The odor clung on to me like a lone sock clinging to the wall of a washing machine, and it refused to go away even after I thoroughly washed my hands with scented soap.

It seemed as though this condom was thicker than normal, as it did not allow for a lot of heat transfer and it was somewhat desensitizing. However, the latex itself is much softer and skin-like than some thinner condoms, so this is a fair trade off. The thickness of the latex could be perfect for men who want to last longer without using a climax control condom.

Trojan Ultra ENZ Condom - Final Verdict
The concept, shape and size of the Trojan Ultra ENZ is on point, but the execution that includes tacky lube, a strong odor, and above average thickness left me less than ecstatic.

3 Stars
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