Lifestlyles Tuxedo Black Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Lifestlyles Tuxedo Black Condom to the test! Here is where the Lifestlyles Tuxedo Black Condom ranks!

Lifestlyles Tuxedo Black Condom

Lifestyles Tuxedo condoms can offer up a classier black tie affair feeling during your next sexual encounter.

If you’re having a moment of deja vu looking at this product, it’s likely you are confusing it with the Lifestyles Black Label condom. While both condoms offers a highfalutin flare, the feel of the condoms are quite a bit different.

Lifestyles Tuxedo condoms are extremely comfortable.  Surprisingly so. The condom feels less like latex and more like a smooth velvet sheath around the penis. I’m just slightly larger than average, and have had issues with condoms in the past breaking or being uncomfortable because of an improper fit. While the Lifestyles Tuxedo comfort was a bit tighter than I would have liked, it didn’t detract from my experience. This is likely due to  the generous amount lubrication on the inside of the condom. Just don’t toss away your bottle of Wet Platinum lubricant just yet, as the outside of the condom could totally use another application of lube to keep the friction down.

The midnight black color of the condom was pretty cool.  It totally adds a layer of mystique to your member, even more than other colorful shades of condoms like the Lifestyles Colors.  The black color of the condom doesn’t denote any “flavoring.”  While the condom’s taste was largely neutral, if you’re looking for added flavor with your colored condoms you’re better off trying out a Fantasy Flavored condom.

A detractor to the Lifestyles Tuxedo condom was the latex odor. Upon unwrapping the condom, the odor wasn’t as pungent as say, the Trojan Magnum condoms.  However as things began “heating up” in the sheets there was a noticeable wafting of medical grade latex.  It was if I went from an enjoyable romp to the scientific examination of said romp, which is totally not a classy vibe.

Lifestlyles Tuxedo Black Condom - Final Verdict
Overall the Lifestyles Tuxedo condoms aren’t a bad choice, and at $6.50 per 12 pack it seems like a great value for the high quality condom you get in return. Just don’t try to put it on in the dark unless you want to relive awkwardness of putting on a condom for the first time.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Chad - Austin, TX - 5 Stars

One of the best condoms I've found, particularly for someone with an uncircumcised penis. The extra headroom and soft latex keeps the condom from feeling tight and unnatural. I've used much more expensive condoms before, but this one is still my favorite.

Sally - Knoxville, TN - 5 Stars

Hands down the best condom I've ever used. I couldn't believe the difference between these and the Trojans I had been using. They feel stronger than the average condom, while at the same time allowing you to feel your partner more.

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