Lifestyles THRYLL Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Lifestyles THRYLL Condom to the test! Here is where the Lifestyles THRYLL Condom ranks!

Lifestyles THRYLL Condom

As someone who likes to discreetly carry around at least one condom with me wherever I go, I must say that the condom wrapper for the LifeStyles THRYLL is mighty compact. It’s a mere 2.25” square, which is small enough to fit into my Box of Love.

I use this container for safekeeping my condoms from sharp objects in my purse wile I'm on the go. So, right off the bat, I am digging this feature. Size-wise the LifeStyles THRYLL itself is above average, at 8” x 2,” but it’s not a part of the Magnum size class of condoms, since this is a straight fit condom without additional headroom.

Another characteristics of the THRYLL that I noticed right away was its incredibly sheerness. Even while laying flat, and looking through 2 layers of THYRLL, I could still clearly see right through this condom. Even the rows of raised studs were completely see-through. For me, this is a major plus as it humanizes the appearance of the condom, because the gossamer material allows for what seems like X-ray vision superpowers. I spy with my little eye, a mighty erection wrapped in a crystal clear condom!

As far as my other senses were concerned, I found no objectionable odor coming from this condom, as it had a neutral scent. I did taste it, but since it is a textured condom, I would suggest it for oral unless you want to deal with a strange rawness in your or your partners mouth afterwards.

If you are familiar of the term “thrill ride,” and you like the excitement that comes from having one-- then the LifeStyles THRYLL is right for you and your partner. This studded latex condom feels phenomenally lifelike, despite its texture. This is a tricky balance for condom manufacturers to strike, as introducing texture to latex can indicate an increased thickness in the material. In response to their conquering this thickness issue I’ve got to say, “Woot! Way to go LifeStyles!” The studs are perfectly placed on the condom as well, and are all set to stimulate your partner's highly sensitive G-Spot.

Speaking of popular expressions, I was really hoping that this condom wouldn’t make me “thrilled to pieces.” And, thankfully I was not as the condom stayed perfectly intact throughout. I believe a big part of this was due to the condom having a substantial amount of high quality lubricant on it straight out of the package. Though, I still recommend using a small amount of lubricant with the THRYLL, like Liquid Silk, for the ultimate in safety and pleasure.

Lifestyles THRYLL Condom - Final Verdict
The sheer, studded, nicely lubed and thin aspects of the THRYLL really are extremely thrilling, and will greatly contribute to an exceptionally safe and ridiculously fun joyride with your partner.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Tobe - California - 4 Stars

So far these are the best me and my boyfriend have used. I love the texture and he said he liked them best as well. Trojan fire and ice sucked and they smelled bad.

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