Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom to the test! Here is where the Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom ranks!

Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom

Finally! My partner and I have found a condom that we can both agree on. Thin, comfortable, and latex-free, this condom feels barely-there but protects like a champ.

When I grabbed, at random, the LifeStyles SKYN Large condom from the CondomDepot.TV “bowl-o-condoms,” I didn’t realize how satisfied I would be with this product. Typical latex condoms irritate my lady-parts, drying up very quickly and just generally leaving me dissatisfied and frustrated. Plus, my partner often feels that standard-size condoms fit TOO snug, ruining his erection and dampening the mood. With this condom, none of this was a problem.

The LifeStyles SKYN Large condoms are the latest in condom technology. Unlike other non-latex condoms, these are made from Polyisoprene which contains no latex allergens and promises to provide the strength of Premium Latex while maintaining the sensitivity of a super sensitive condom. The LifeStyles SKYN Large are exceptionally soft, stretch unlike the Durex Avanti or Trojan Supra, and are more resistant than other non-latex condoms to condom breakage.

I have never experienced an allergic reaction to latex, but I find it to be a much more naturally comfortable experience using these non-latex condoms, leading me to believe that maybe I am sensitive to latex, but not fully allergic. Due to the condom’s super-thin material, I can feel every contour of my partner’s penis, while feeling relief knowing I am protecting myself from unwanted pregnancy.

My partner claims to have “absolutely NO dislikes” when it comes to the LifeStyles SKYN Large condom, and couldn’t believe how much better it fit. He explained that the SKYN Large condoms are a perfect solution to the in-between-sizes conundrum: standard-size condoms fit too tight, but Magnum condoms are a little too big.

Lifestyles Skyn Large Condom - Final Verdict
We have come to an agreement that this is officially our go-to condom! The thin material is comfortable for both my partner and I, letting us feel each other completely, plus the condom’s ultra smooth, long-lasting lubricant allows us to keep the sex-session going well into the night, without any dry interruptions. I give this product one big “Hell Yes!”

5 Stars
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