Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom to the test! Here is where the Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom ranks!

Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom

I’ve got to level with you here-- I was not expecting very much from the Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condoms. But boy, I was so wrong!

First and foremost, this condom has an exceptionally great shape. I’ve really gotten into flared shapes lately, as opposed to straight fit condoms and contoured condoms. It fits like a charm and doesn’t squeeze his head area or leave baggy bits of latex around, which can significantly decrease the natural feeling for both partners.

Even the reservoir tip on is flawlessly integrated into the flared shape, which is great because then you don’t feel like there is an amputated pinky finger of a glove repeatedly poking at your cervix.

The lubrication on the Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom is a superior water-based formula. It made my skin feel hydrated, but not greasy or sticky in any way. There was a decent amount of it already on the condom, straight from the package, but I did add a little bit of Swiss Navy All-Natural Water-based Lubrication to the mix after a while, just for additional safety.

When I first opened it up and unrolled it, I was less than thrilled with the latex odor coming off of this condom, but it dissipated so quickly, it wasn’t really an issue for me at all. In fact, the scent disappeared into thin air so quickly, I had no qualms at all about tasting it after it aired out for a moment. And, once again, I had proven myself to be very wrong when it came to my initial judgement. After trying it, I found that indeed, this condom does have a satisfactory flavor which can absolutely make for good oral sex.

Even though this is an inexpensive condom, the latex quality was indistinguishable from other more expensive brands, like the Durex Enhanced Pleasure. The smooth and silky latex is borderline clear, which I like because I prefer to see what I’m getting myself into (or what is getting into me, I should say).

I would equate the Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom with the generic store version of a name brand item-- just as good, but without all of the marketing gimmicks and fancy packaging. I learned my lesson on this one. Never judge a condom by its wrapper.

Lifestlyles Pleasure Shaped Condom - Final Verdict
Just make sure you are sized properly to fit the condom’s oversized tip otherwise it may feel baggy.

3 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Stewart - Rhode Island - 3 Stars

Felt like it was a little too loose around the head, but otherwise not a bad condom.

Mikey - Florida - 5 Stars

These rubbers are awesome. Extra room at the tip was great and my girlfriend enjoyed them.

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