Lifestyles KYNG Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Lifestyles KYNG Condom to the test! Here is where the Lifestyles KYNG Condom ranks!

Lifestyles KYNG Condom

I ended up grabbing a sample of the LifeStyles KYNG Blue Condoms unintentionally.

I was looking for the KYNG Ribbed that’s featured on Condom Depot’s Worlds Best Condoms List, but I believe I was attracted to the classy package of the KYNG Blue like a naive moth to the flame.

Seriously, this package is classy and I could use a little extra classiness in the bedroom at times.

The LifeStyles KYNG Blue touts itself as, “KYNG sized for those needing a larger fitting condom with more roominess all around.”

According to our condom size chart, the KYNG is just a smidge smaller than the MAGNUM.

It seems to border that live between average and gigantic, and from my experience it’s been the most comfortable condom by far.

I immediately noticed something different about this condom. There was virtually no pressure being exerted by the condom. Sometimes, while wearing a condom that’s too small or tight, it can feel like a really weak man is trying to strangle your member.

That was not the case with the KYNG Blue. I had breathing room without any extra bagginess.

Lifestyles KYNG Condom - Final Verdict
Overall the KYNG Blue is a great condom. It doesn’t offer any extra frills like ridges or bumps, but as your “standard” condom it definitely outperforms other entries.

If you are a male that’s not quite average, but not quite large either then this is the condom for you.

4 Stars
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