Kimono Microthin Large Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Kimono Microthin Large Condom to the test! Here is where the Kimono Microthin Large Condom ranks!

Kimono Microthin Large Condom

The Kimono MicroThin Large Condom pushes the envelope of thinness and sensitivity, ensuring that Japanese companies like Kimono Condoms rarely disappoint.

Kimono has done it again, except this time, they’re keeping the dudes who are a little bigger downstairs in mind.

The Kimono Microthin Large Condoms are made from natural rubber latex, and combine sheer thinness with reliable durability. Like I’ve mentioned many times before, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice safety for added pleasure, and Kimono definitely doesn’t force you to make that sacrifice.

The state of the art technology held strong during a very prolonged sex session of over an hour, so, durability is definitely the Kimono MicroThin Large Condom’s strong point. Not to mention, the thinness of the condom made it feel like he wasn’t even wearing one.

Though, I will suggest that you may want to add a few drops of a water or silicone-based lubricant to the inside of the condom, because my partner did complain of some dryness and friction about halfway through. In our case, we learned the hard way and had to put on a new condom, but to avoid this, a few drops of lube should do the trick. On my end, surprisingly, I didn’t experience any dryness, although adding lubrication to the outside of the condom can’t hurt either.

The Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms are 7.68” long and a little over 2” wide, smaller than the Magnum go-to condom for those who are seriously hung, but larger than your standard condom. This is nice for men, like my partner, who find standard condoms to be slightly snug and uncomfortable, but Magnums to be a bit too large. After discovering LifeStyles SKYN Large Condoms, my partner and I have been trying all of the larger condoms, and next to SKYN Large,Kimono MicroThin Large condoms are our favorite so far, and admittedly provide more sensitivity.

Kimono Microthin Large Condom - Final Verdict
The Kimono MicroThin Large is a great latex alternative to the non-latex LifeStyles SKYN Large, because it provides more sensitivity for both my partner and I. The greatest thing about this condom is that it fits my partner who often finds that he is too large for a standard size condom, yet not big enough for the Magnums.

The Kimono MicroThin Large condoms were comfortable and didn’t dry out for me, felt barely-there and also didn’t leave that strange latex odor on me or my partner.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
W - LA - 5 Stars

These are better than the thicker Magnum's, that's for sure. BUT, OUCH! A little on the dry side down the shaft. The base is so snug and dry, it can pull the curlies and skin out, so be careful. I also find it a little tricky to slide down, as it often doubles up on itself. Sort of hit and miss. Granted, once it's on, it sure doesn't easily slip off at inopportune times. :)

Dave - Irvine, CA - 4 Stars

They give you more sensation than the Trojan Magnum thin but slightly tighter. The Trojan's are easier to get on and seem to have a better fit and feel more durable but if you are judging purely based on the feel this feels like you basically have nothing on, in fact, I had to keep checking to make sure it was still there. You definitely need a good lube with these because they can get a bit dry and bankrobber your head!

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