Kimono MicroThin Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Kimono MicroThin Condom to the test! Here is where the Kimono MicroThin Condom ranks!

Kimono MicroThin Condom

You know a condom is amazing when you use it once and, on the very same night, your partner goes online and places a rush order delivery for a bulk pack of a hundred more. The Kimono MicroThin is this condom.

Admittedly, when it comes to latex condoms, I usually scoff and skeptically raise an eyebrow at those who say, "It felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all!"

But, praise be, because despite my skepticism I have (at long last) found such a condom. And boy oh boy! What a difference it makes in the bedroom. The meat heat is still there, the smell and taste are neutral, and the thinness of the latex lets each both of you feel all the wonderfully intimate details of each others' anatomy.

It's difficult to express the joy I felt upon discovering this magnificent safer sex creation by Kimono. I equate it to the surge of emotions I had after defeating the final dungeon boss while playing Zelda in the '80s. Take that, inferior condoms! Princess Zelda and I are taking these Kimonos into my secret passage.

The MicroThin reminded me of a Crown Skinless Skin condom, but my partner and I liked this Kimono condom much better. It's naturally colored, instead of pink, and seemed way thinner and softer than Crowns do - which is a big deal because those are the very same traits that made Crown condoms so famous and wildly popular.

Like other Japanese condoms, sizing can be a bit tricky, as they tend to run snugger in the girth department without being shorter than average length. For my long and thin partner, this is ideal, as other wider condoms offer less safety by increasing the potential for condoms to slip off inside my vaginal canal, or are too short to reach the base of his erection, leaving skin-to-skin areas exposed.

Kimono MicroThin condoms measure in at 8.12" (206.24mm) long by a 3.74" (95mm) unstretched circumference. They have a straight (traditional) fit and a reservoir tip for added safety. Contrary to what logic suggests, MicroThins are the same exact circumference as the Kimono MicroThin Large, and are over half an inch longer as well. Go figure.

If you're unsure of your measurements, try a Kimono Sampler Pack (comes in a 12 or 24 pack) for an assortment of their super sweet brand of condoms or the Japanese Condom Tin, which contains three Kimono MicroThin condoms and 30 other Japanese condoms, along with lube samples and Vibrating Johnnys.

Kimono Microthin Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Condom - Final Verdict
OK, Kimono, you got me. I'm hooked. I just can't get enough of Kimono MicroThins. High praise to you, Kimono, for making my sex life with my long and thin partner safer and much more enjoyable for both of us. Thanks!

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Joe - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

By far the best I have ever used. They are very thin, forgot I was even wearing it. You can also feel heat through it better since it's thinner.

Sherman - Rochester, MN - 5 Stars

Totally awesome! Made sex an auspicious occasion! Loved by both partners. Almost as good as nothing! Would definitely recommend! Worth the higher price for sure. Will likely never use anything else!

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