Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom to the test! Here is where the Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom ranks!

Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom

The Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom has been dominant in Condom Depot's World Best Condom List for the last five years.  It touts multiple ridges and studs designed to give your partner the night of their life.

Unwrapping the condom revealed a unique pink color to the latex I was unfamiliar with.  Most of my condom experiences have been with larger brands like Trojan, Durex, and Lifestyles so I was expecting that classic off-white color that I have associated with condoms since my first sex-ed class.

Putting on the condom was pretty effortless and I had to do a double take to make sure that it was on because visually the pink tint hides the appearance that a condom is being used.  Add to the fact that it was super thin; it felt more like a second layer of skin than a latex sleeve. Also, the condom had no detectable odor.  This condom remained inconspicuous and there was no rising “latex smell” that sometimes happen in the heat of the moment.

A slight drawback was the fit.  I’m not a “bedroom monster” by any means but I would have liked a little more breathing room. Staying on the comfort tip, I highly recommend using a nice lube with this condom for both you and your partner.  It will make wearing the condom easier on the your side and will help reduce any friction which is essential in the art of lovemaking.

However, I stopped caring about the tighter fit once I began actually using the condom.  My partner was immediately filled with a sense of elation as she reacted to the ribs and studs adorned on the condom.  Our experience was heightened with the use of this condom and made it very intimate.

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Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom - Final Verdict
After we recovered, my partner explained to me that the feeling the condom gave was as if my penis was always on the verge of climax.  That it gave an extra thickness and sensation that made her desire the feeling and our closeness even more.  On my end, the sexual experience was very similar to a “bareback” feeling, and seeing the reactions of my lover was thrilling and encouraging.

Those statements alone make this condom a huge winner in my book and the  Buy the Impulse Bare Pleasure Condom from Condom DepotImpulse Bare Pleasure Condom  will now be in regular rotation when I want to surprise my partner with a little something “extra.”

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Trini - Baltimore - 5 Stars

I was really impressed by her reaction. She came a bunch of times, but I was afraid that the studs were too spiky for her, but I guess not. The condom isnt thin but it fits real tightly so that effect is given. A must try

S.D. - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

Just thinking about them gets me excited. BEST CONDOM EVER!!! i absolutely love the texture, and my boyfriend loves them too! I usually come at least three times with this one, but its usually more (my record with it is thirteen. NO LIE!) I LOVE IT. I am definitely reordering. Period!

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