Fantasy Flavored Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Fantasy Flavored Condom to the test! Here is where the Fantasy Flavored Condom ranks!

Fantasy Flavored Condom

The Fantasy Flavored condoms have many flavored to choose from such as: banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, grape and vanilla, it was quite hard to choose my test subject. After some careful deliberation, I decided to try out the Fantasy Grape Flavored condom for this review and frankly, I was dazzled by its performance.

Not only is this one of the largest flavored condoms on the market, at 8.12” long by 2” wide, it is also one of the least expensive! I am a big fan of both of these qualities, but what I really love about it is the drool worthy grape scent and highly concentrated purple hue.

This quite large Fantasy Flavored grape condom is extremely soft, smooth and translucent and it has a reservoir tip. It is also incredibly thin at just 0.0019” inches thick. Between the transparency of the latex, its velvety soft texture and the thinness of this condom, if it hadn’t been for the pleasantly pungent grape odor wafting towards me, I wouldn’t have noticed a condom as being part of the picture.

Although this condom is designed for oral sex, I can’t say that it had much of a grape taste. This being said, the taste was much more neutral than other latex condoms and it was certainly not an unpleasant flavor. It reminded me of grape flavored gum that has lost its flavor over time because it had a kind of a watered down grape tinge to it.

I believe this lack of flavor had a lot to do with the somewhat skimpy amount of water-based lubricant on the condom. Therefore, I would definitely suggest using an additional lubricant with this condom. The next time I use one of these Fantasy Grape Flavored condoms, I will add some Flavored Lubricant to the mix to create a smoothie-like concoction, just to enrich the overall fruitiness.

Fantasy Flavored Condom - Final Verdict
These ultra thin condoms are great for a larger sized man and the appealing scent was a major turn on, but the lack of intense flavor from the Fantasy Flavored condoms was a bit disappointing. But, the high level of sensitivity and super soft latex more than made up for the diminished grape taste.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Kari - kirksville, MO - 5 Stars

I used the grape one, and it smelled really good, but it smelled stronger than it tasted. Overall the taste was a bit weak, but anything is better than nasty latex taste. So I would recommend this...also...purple penises are funny.

Bri - Cleveland, OH - 5 Stars

This group was giving these away for free, so I thought they would be crap, but they're the best we've used so far. The scent isn't overpowering like most flavored condoms, and my significant other said the fit is more comfortable than most other condoms.

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