Durex Extra Strength Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Durex Extra Strength Condom to the test! Here is where the Durex Extra Strength Condom ranks!

Durex Extra Strength Condom

The extra-strength in Durex’s Extra Strength condom comes from the thickness. You can tell right off the bat how thick this guy is, and for those of you who view safety as a big turn-on, you’re in luck. The thickness of this condom doesn’t make it inflexible. It still has the same flexibility and durability you’d expect from a normal Durex latex condom.

The Durex Extra Strength condom leaves something of a latex-y smell on your fingers after use though. I found the smell to be a little more off-putting than other samples I’ve tried. The taste of the latex isn’t as noticeable as the scent, and it doesn’t really linger in your mouth the same way the scent does, so these condoms have my approval for oral.

The lube was silky smooth, but it didn’t seem to stay on for super long.

My boyfriend found them to be too restrictive and the thickness didn’t do much for his pleasure. To me, he felt the same as always, but I could tell that they weren’t the most comfortable thing in the world.  If your girth is smaller than 2,” these are a great option. But if you’re a bit bigger, you may need to check out something else as the thickness will make these condoms feel even tighter than normal.

This product is no longer being manufactered. Check other View Other Durex Condoms Other Extra Strength Condoms

Durex Extra Strength Condom - Final Verdict
If you’re looking for something that’s extra safe, these condoms are held to the same FDA standards as even our thinnest ones. But if they give you some extra comfort, their silky smooth lubricant and lack of a bad taste make Durex's Extra Strength a great option in our extra strength line up.

3 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Joey - Staten Island, New York - 2 Stars

Condom felt a little too thick, but does the job when it comes to not ripping. I think I will go for a more sensitive condom next time

Craig - Atlanta - 5 Stars

I loved this condom Durex Extra Strength is the best extra strength condom on the market.

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