Durex Extra Sensitive Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists put the Durex Extra Sensitive Condom to the test! Here is where the Durex Extra Sensitive Condom ranks!

Durex Extra Sensitive Condom

Usually I need to apply some extra water based personal lubricant for extra comfort when wearing condoms, but the silky lubricant that comes with the Durex Extra Sensitive Condom was more than enough to ensure comfort.

The condom itself is at 7.5 inches long and 2 inches wide, so it's a bit more accommodating than the Trojan Ultra Thin. Durex doubles the comfort with the fit shaped designed to give the head of the penis more space than a standard condom.

Top that all of with a low latex odor (didn't even notice an odor), and it's easy to see why this condom made the Condom Depot World's Best Condoms list.

After I put the condom on and was in "serious testing phases", my partner asked me if I had put the condom on yet. Probably not the best thing to ask in the middle of sex.

After laughing and assuring her that the condom was indeed on, she remarked how she didn't notice it.

Durex Extra Sensitive Condom - Final Verdict
The Durex Extra Sensitive Condom is an outstanding example of the type of quality condoms that make it into Condom Depot's World Best Condoms list. With super thin latex, extra room, and a custom lubricant you are hard pressed to find a better condom.

5 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
Rob - NY, NY - 5 Stars

Man!, the reason why I'm giving this a 5 is because the heat transfer was amazing; It felt so good, could feel everything. Now don't get me wrong uncover is uncover but if you got to protect yourself this is certainly a very good way to go and they are strong too.

James Grasty - Bakersfield, California - 5 Stars

By far the BEST condoms out there! I remember on a cold winters night I forgot to bring these bad boys with me. I was forced to rush to the nearest corner store where the best I could get were Trojan Ultra Thins. No Comparison, after using a few of those I could see why a lot of guys don't like to wear condoms, no sensation at all! The Durex ES condoms make you not mind wearing the things, and hey, it helps you last longer =)

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