Caution Wear Wild Rose Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists puts the Caution Wear Wild Rose Condom to the test! Here is where the Caution Wear Wild Rose Condom ranks!

Caution Wear Wild Rose Condom

Maybe they changed the name of this condom because the ladies like it so much. The name Wild Rose, with its pink polka dotted wrapper appeals to women's preferences more so than the Speed Bumps name, which seemed like a condom you’d wear during a bathroom romp at the Daytona 500, or during a City Planners’ afterparty.

This naturally colored latex condom features closely knit ribs, which significantly increases the heat and friction between both partners. This is particularly exhilarating for the receiving partner, hence the former name. In fact, the ride may be so fast and  bumpy that half way through, she may wish she had left her compression sports bra on.

Perhaps this is also because the Caution Wear Wild Rose is the second largest Caution Wear condom at a whopping 8.25” x 2.” It is only exceeded in size by the practically enormous Caution Wear Grande which is 8.8” x 2.12.” But, the ribs do not go the full 8.25" length of the condom, which makes it more comfortable and sensitive around the untextured and smooth head and base areas. This condom seems super thin in these two sections, which is quite rare for a textured condom.

The scent and taste of the Wild Rose are fairly neutral. There’s nothing great to report about it, but it’s definitely not repulsive or annoying. It’s not floral or rose-infused in any way. However, since this is a ribbed condom, it’s not really intended for use during safer oral sex.

Much like other Caution Wear condoms, the Wild Rose has an unmatchable caliber of silicone-based lubricants, much akin to an industry favorite lube, Pjur BodyGlide. But, due to the increased warmth of the rubbing ribs creating friction on the orifice walls, additional lubrication is recommend for ultimate comfort and safety for both partners. Wild Rose condoms also have a reservoir tip for added safety.

Caution Wear Mission 701 Condom - Final Verdict
The extreme thinness, durability and superior lubrication, mixed with its plethora of bumpy ribs makes the Wild Rose a highly coveted condom by larger men. You’ll surely drive your partner wild with desire, all while staying safe, with the Wild Rose condom.

4 Stars
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