Caution Wear Mission 707 Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists puts the Caution Wear Mission 707 Condom to the test! Here is where the Caution Wear Mission 707 Condom ranks!

Caution Wear Mission 707 Condom

What happened to missions 702-706? Apparently, they are far too top-secret to be shared with the world.

But my partner and I went on mission 707 together, and now that the information has been declassified, I can give you the full report: it was pretty sweet.

The multiple 7's in the Caution Wear Mision 707 must be because these condoms measure in at just over 7 inches long. Their width when pressed flat is just over 2 inches. They’re a little bit smaller than the 701 in terms of length, but around the same size as far as width. Once again, my girthier partner found them to be a little too tight, but for those of your dudes who are blessed in the length department but run a little skinnier, these are perfect.

Just like the Grande and the 701, they’re lubricated with Caution Wear’s wonderful silicone lube. All of our Caution Wear reviewers have been head-over-heels for this lube. It’s soft, long-lasting, and it doesn’t get tacky like other lubes. Caution Wear, please tell us-- what is this magic lube? And how do I get my hands on a giant vat of it? I would like to make a slip n’ slide with it.

Also like the 701, these condoms didn’t have a super strong latex scent, which greatly enhanced my overall experience. Nothing like basking in the post-coital glow and smelling like a tire shop. Caution Wear seems to be pretty great about dialing down the unpleasantness normally associated with other latex condoms, so if that’s a big turn-off for you, I’d recommend their brand 100%.

One big thing that sets these condoms apart from the previous mission is that they have raised studs. For her pleasure. Well. I didn’t know until my partner and I had been going at it for a good while. “Can you feel the studs?” he asked me. “There are studs?” I like to think that I’m pretty sensitive down there, but studs never really do much for me. But they don’t really detract either. They’re just kind of a novelty, take ‘em or leave ‘em.

Trying out the 701 and 707 were my first experiences with Caution Wear, but I’m super stoked to check out their other wares. My experiences with these two have given me a lot of confidence that this company knows what they’re talking about and can make a damn good condom.

Caution Wear Mission 701 Condom - Final Verdict
The width makes it a little too small for my partner, and the studs don’t really do much for her pleasure, but the Caution Wear Misison 707 still feels great, smells great, and has the same strength and safety guarantee that you’ve come to expect from Caution Wear.

4 Stars
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