Caution Wear Grande Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists puts the Caution Wear Grande Condom to the test! Here is where the Caution Wear Grande Condom ranks!

Caution Wear Grande Condom

Because I am already a huge fan of Caution Wear Condoms, I was super excited to try their new larger sized condom. When I first unwrapped the Caution Wear Grande, my eyes got progressively wider and wider as the condom just kept on unrolling, just like a Tex Avery Wolf cartoon. Holy frijoles, if you think Magnum XLs are large, you need to get your hands on this seriously lengthy condom!

Even without measuring, I could tell this condom was the longest one I have ever seen in person. My suspicions were confirmed after measuring the Grande in at 8.25” long. This is an eighth of an inch longer than the Trojan Magnum XL. And at about half the price of Magnum XL’s, this condom is obviously an extremely economical choice for the larger sized gentleman who doesn’t want to spend a grand in order to stay protected.

I noticed that the Grande doesn’t boast a lot of fancy features, but what it lacks in flare, it makes up for in durability. The Grande has a reservoir tip, is made from naturally colored transparent latex and has a very slightly flared head. Ok, so maybe it does have a little flare. The head measurement is about 1/4” difference larger the base width, which has 2” diameter. This Large Condom allows an increase in sensitivity.

I found the lubrication in the Caution Wear Grande to be extremely silky, glossy and velvety. When I found out the Grande has a silicone-based lubricant, I was not surprised. I found the Grande to be really easy to put on my partner due to this way above average quality lube. Even after an extended duration of action, the lubricant remained intact and did not get sticky or gummy. Plus, it left my skin feeling moisturized instead of chapped or irritated, like other condoms have done in the past.

I also liked that this condom is more discreet than the Magnum XL, as it does not come in a reflective metallic package. Although, I will say that the maroon wrapper is quite large (as is to be expected), so it did not fit in my usual condom carrying case. But, when I busted it out, at least I didn’t feel like I was handing his Willy a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Actually, the Grande name made me feel more as if I was ordering a late night meal from Taco Bell.

Speaking of tastes and smells, the Grande had a slight latex-y smell, but I found it to be much less pungent than the Magnum line of condoms, which is a major plus for me. Taste-wise, I wouldn’t really recommend it, but it wasn’t disgusting either. Personally, I’m still waiting for a Fire Sauce flavored condom.

Caution Wear Grande Condom - Final Verdict
Yes. Just yes. For a bigger guy with a smaller budget, you simply can’t go wrong with the Caution Wear Grande. Try one out you'll be having a grand ole’ time.

5 Stars
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