Beyond Seven Studded Condom - Review

Our staff of Safer Sexologists puts the Beyond Seven StuddedCondom to the test! Here is where the Beyond Seven Studded Condom Ranks!

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We decided to take Beyond Seven Studded for a good old fashioned condom test drive. After reviewing the Rough Rider Studded condom in the past, I found I really enjoy the feeling of the ribs and studs.

The Beyond Seven Studded condom is made with the same Sheerlon® material made famous by the Beyond Seven brand. It's what set's this studded condom apart from our other textured condoms, because the Sheerlon® feels silkier and more natural compared to other latex condoms.

Although Beyond Seven Studded is shorter in length than most standard condom sizes (measuring at 6.76” versus the 7.25”), our testers noted wearing the condom was still very comfortable.  The lubricant that comes with the condom has been noted by our customers to dry out quickly. However during our testing we did not note andy dryness or friction, but that may have been due to the 'excitement' of our test subjects.

The best practices is to always have some lubricant on hand, to help reduce friction when you need it and keep things smooth and oh so sexy.

Always make sure that your lubricant is compatible with your condom (or toys) before applying it. Using the wrong lube can damage condoms, which is why we recommend not using oil based lubricants.  If you are uncertain it is always best to read the packaging. Condom carries a variety of personal lubricants that are condom safe.

Beyond Seven Studded Condom - Final Verdict
I highly recommend this Beyond Seven Studded Sheerlon® as it is a premium condom choice for those of you ladies that like the feeling of studs for extra stimulation that may just send you into orgasmic bliss.  Its thin and comfortable Sheerlon® latex will let you feel closer to your partner without compromising safety.  Its water based lubricant was incredible, and I found no qualms about it.

4 Stars
What Are Our Customers Are Saying?
J - Visalia, CA - 4 Stars

These are great condoms. Nice tight fit and the studs drive my girl insane in bed. They do lack a bit of lubricant though but, if your partner is excited enough, you probably won't need it.

Jay - Ohio - 5 Stars

These condoms are OFF THE HOOOOOK. Next best to the Lifestyles Tuxedo's. Girlfriend LOVES them too. Very thin and strong condoms! Almost no lubrication though, don't buy these condoms without getting a nice water based lube first. Highly Recommend!

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