Probe Light Personal Lubricant

Probe Light Personal Lubricant

If you’ve been searching for a natural lubricant that is so safe you can swallow it, your search is finally over. Probe Light personal lubricant is so safe and simple that it only has four ingredients, the main one being purified water. Probe Light safe for use with latex condoms, all adult toys and for oral, vaginal and anal use.

Probe Light lube for women contains no harsh chemicals and employs a natural citrus extract as a preservative. As the name suggests, Probe Light is a thin, less creamy version of the original Probe Thick & Rich lube. It is expertly designed to precisely mimic a woman's natural lubrication, which is why so many doctors and clinics recommend it to their patients.

Probe Light personal lubricant is available in a flip-top or pump-style bottle.

Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Polyethylene Oxide, Grapefruit Seed Extract

Probe Light is a personal lubricant that doesn't get any more natural. This lube is clinically recommended to moisturize sensitive areas and make a smooth and comfortable lubrication. As always with our natural lubricants, they are safe for any adult toys or condoms. Shop Condom Depot for all your personal lubricant needs.
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Probe Lubricant

Probe Lubricants are safe, simple and all-natural. They only contain 4 ingredients (one being purified water), have no harsh chemicals and contain a natural citrus preservative.

Probe Light Personal Lubricant Reviews

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