Precision Pump

By California Exotics Novelties

In Stock

Pump it up and keep it up with the Precision Pump System. The Precision Pump and Erection Enhancer System is the natural evolution of enhancement techniques that combines creating and maintaining an erection.

Just slip the erection enhancer on the pump, slip in your rod and pump it up. Carefully slide Erection Enhancer on penis and remove pump.

You're now ready for hot passionate action!

Precision Pump Features:
– Erection enhancer ring that stretches to fit over tubing with easy grip handles
– Flexi tube
– Push button purge valve
– Power packed suction bulb
– Translucent, smokey grey cylinder
– Ribbed latex donut
– Comfortable black latex ring creates the right seal for proper vacuum
– Easy-to-use hand pump
– Locking purge valve
– Precision Measurement System

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