Pocket Power

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Give this small wondrous vibrator a whirl. The Pocket Power delivers strong vibrations while the pleasure bumps on the shaft massage you in all the right ways. This mini vibrator will deliver the power and pleasure you desire, but discreetly.

Vibrantly colored, this mini vibrator is a total of 5" in length, making it convenient to tuck away in your favorite hiding spot, or bring it along with you in your purse, for some action on the go. Use it for intense clitoral stimulation, as the rounded head decorated with pleasure bumps will make you feel so good. Or, insert it into your vagina, and feel the good vibrations that will fill your body up with pleasure.

- Operates on 1AA battery (not included)

Pocket Power Specs

Made Of Silicone
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 6/10Powerful
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 5/10Louder
Powered By 1AA battery (not included)
Speeds Multi-Speed
Width (around) 4-5/8" at widest point
Length (Insertable) 4-1/8"

Pocket Power Reviews

3 star rating (1 reviews) write a review
B - Jacksonville, FL - 3 Stars

This was my first vibrator purchase. I gets the job done, however, you can't really feel the nubs on the shaft and it's not really long enough to hold on to if you want it to go a little deeper. I like that you can adjust the power of the vibrations by twisting the bottom. It's also not extremely loud on the highest setting.

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