Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide

Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide

By Pjur

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This Anal Glide from Pjur is perfect for those who want to ease the discomfort of anal play, while still retaining sensitivity in the rectal region. Because Analyse Me has no lidocaine or benzocaine, which are numbing agents found in other anal lubes, there will still be a great deal of feeling, but this Anal Glide still works to counteract hypersensitivity.

Analyse Me offers a light desensitisation, without going overboard, in order to increase both your and your partner's anal activities. Feel more at ease and enjoy increased comfort with this super soothing and slippery Anal Glide from Pjur. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Pjur Analyse Me! Comfort Spray, but can be used separately as well.

Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide is condom safe and compatible with all adult toys.

Propylene Glycol, Panthenol, Aloe Vera, Menthol, Lauromacrogol, Ethanol


Pjur personal lubricants offer deluxe hydration with their specially formulated water and silicone-based top-of-the-line products. Whether you are alone or with a partner, Pjur’s special lubricant ingredients will optimize all of your upcoming sexual adventures.

Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Glide Reviews

5 star rating (6 reviews) write a review
virgilio - oliena - 5 Stars

è stupendo.. molto versatile come prodotto

Tim P - - 5 Stars

Stays slick for an extended period of time and isn't greasy nor sticky. It has not let me down yet.

Warren Williams - - 5 Stars

This is an awesome product! I am using it every day!

Ron Groves - - 5 Stars

Prefect Prefect Prefect Prefect

Jeff  - - 5 Stars

I was nervous about buying this lube with the high price. I have bought several silicone lubes in the past that were not as good as others claimed. I have use jojoba oil as well and never experienced that relaxing feeling. However, I will give a thumbs up to the German engineers that created Pjur. This stuff is the cats meow. Fantastic.

Juan Hernandez - - 5 Stars

I have not used it yet. Will be using it soon

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