Original Jack Rabbit

By California Exotics Novelties

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The famous Jack Rabbit (7.5" X 1.5") is now even better thanks to a dual-control Turbo power pack! Rotate the beaded shaft one way, then set the vibrating clitoral ears on "high." Need We Say More?

This is the Lowest Price Online for a REAL Jack Rabbit

As seen on Sex And The City, the Jack Rabbit Vibrates, Rotates and Squirms - and you will too when this best-selling 7-inch multi-speed multi-orgasmic beauty is exciting you inside and out.

BUYER BEWARE: If you find this product cheaper, it is a knock-off. There are many counterfeit products on the market being advertised for $18- $25. These are not genuine "Original Jack Rabbit Vibrators". This is also NOT the Cheap 'Wascally' Rabbit knock-off. It is the Original.

Original Jack Rabbit Specs

Length 7"
Made Of Soft Latex
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 8/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 7/10Powerful
Powered By 3 C Batteries
Speed Multi-Speed
Width 1-1/2"

Original Jack Rabbit Reviews

3.7 star rating (12 reviews) write a review
Lacey - San Juan Capistrano, CA - 4 Stars

This is my favorite vibrator!! I have found that removing the batteries and keeping the cord straight increases the life of this vibrator. Why buy something for more than a hundred dollars that still might break? The sensation is delicious, it can get a little noisy, but what are stereos for?

David D. - SF Bay Area - 3 Stars

I bought this for my wife as I needed a combo stimulation type vibrator to replace the two (I had to use simultaneously) we had. She found the Impulse rabbit to be too intense unless kept on the lowest 2 clit settings. The rotation is very noisy and sounds like a hand mixer on low. I will continue looking for another vibrator.

Isabella - san antonio tx - 2 Stars

Aside from mine having a short in it somewhere and loose controls, its an alright vibe. It was my first, and it served its purpose, but I hated the cord, which always seemed to get in the way...Wouldn't buy again, now that mine has broken.

Penny - North Carolina - 5 Stars

It works great!!! I've had it well over 10 years, I brought it as a joke and never used it. My boyfriend and I broke up about 3 months and I remembered it so I pulled it out and WOW it still works

Jeremy - - 5 Stars

Best Rabbit toy ever! Most effective toy for producing multiple female orgasms. The inventor of this product was clearly a genius. We bought one over ten years ago and have never regretted it.

Veronica - SC - 5 Stars

Best Anniversary Gift EVER!!! My boyfriend took me to the store to let me pick whatever I wanted ... Since then we can't be without it and when he is gone i can still have fun ... the ears work great by themselves too ... shaft can get noisy so just crank up your music and keep at it.

Shelly - Chicago, Il - 5 Stars

I love it!! It's my first and last vibrator purchase.
It was definetley worth every penny.

Sweet_Pea - Dallas, Texas - 2 Stars

VERY PLEASUREABLE...until it broke 3 weeks after I purchased it.

Roxanne - Olney Springs, CO - 5 Stars

I absolutely love the Jack Rabbit. I found it perfect for speed and it was not that loud unless it was on the reverse rotation then it was a little too loud. But this little puppy will make you have orgasm after orgasm. Mine stopped working because I use it so much because its a great clit stimulator.

Laura - NC - 3 Stars

It was WONDERFUL for first 3 times I used it, helped me get to my first orgasm - again and again! Unfortunently, the rotating head broke soon after. The vibrating bunny works fine, but the rest of it is kaput! And it broke at THE wrong time, if you catch my drift...

Londan George - Mesa, Arizona - 2 Stars

I bought this product five weeks ago. It was my first vibrator and the first time i used it i loved it. I came like every minute! It was incredible and powerful. Then the time after it, I couldn't cum. I couldn't get the rabbit and the head to work together. Now, just after five weeks, the revolving head doesn't work anymore. It still vibrates but the head doesn't work!

Lindsey - y-town, ohio - 3 Stars

The clit stimulator is fabulous, but the shaft just didn't do it for me, I thought it would vibrate all the way up the shaft, but it didn't at all. I wish the clit stimulator was in a better position to stimulate the clit better while having the shaft inserted. The beads on the bottom were too far down to put all the ways in and the clit stimulator got in the way. Basically I only use the clit stimulator, the shaft sucks...And the noise isn't that bad. Not the best buy I have, I'll keep looking..

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