ONE Pleasure Dome Condom Pops

ONE Pleasure Dome Condom Pops

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Sure, you’ve seen lollipops, but have you seen Condom Pops? This Condom Depot exclusive is sure to be a party favorite, or awareness-raising hit. Available in assorted 6, 12, 48 or 96-packs with a variety of 72 different eye-catching package designs, a feature ONE condoms are world-renowned for.

ONE Pleasure Dome condoms are named “pleasure dome” due to their larger head size, which provides an expanded comfort zone and adds to the pleasure for both partners! One huge effect of the Pleasure Dome’s expanded head design is that it helps to reduce friction and allow for harder thrusts without the common frictional discomfort that some condoms can cause.

ONE Pleasure Dome condoms are lubricated with a silicone-based lube and feature a reservoir tip.

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