Okamoto Condom Sampler Jar

Okamoto Condom Sampler Jar

Experience some of the MOST sensitive condoms in the world with this sampler jar which includes every single condom manufactured by Okamoto. Japan's most trusted sensitive condom!

If your looking for samples from the Orient, where sensitivity meets strength an honor, look no further! Our Exclusive Okamoto Condom Sampler has every single condom made by the renewed condom manufacturer. This sampler will help you find the Perfect Sensitive Condom and will provide you and your partner a closer, more bareback feel!

Sampler Includes Every Condom made by Okamoto.

28 Condoms in all PLUS 3 Lube Samples
4 - Crown Skinless Skin
4 - Crown Rainbow Colors
4 - Beyond Seven
4 - Beyond Seven Studded
4 - Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy
4 - Okamoto .004
4 - Okamoto .004 Aloe
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