Okamoto 004 Condoms

Okamoto 004 Condoms

By Okamoto Condoms

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Ultra-Thin and the Most Sensitive Condom

Okamoto 004 Condoms are one of the thinnest condoms available in the US market, measuring a mere .004 mm in thickness. These ultra thin condoms offer the most sensitive "almost nothing" feeling to maximize pleasure without compromising quality and protection. Okamoto 004 condoms are manufactured using state-of-the-art latex technology for a silkier feel than traditional condoms, but with a durability that is unmatched.

Okamoto 004 Condom Features:
- Ultra-thin latex that is incredibly strong.
- Offers the most sensitive "almost nothing" feeling.
- Manufactured by Okamoto, world renowned for the thinnest condoms. 
- Lightly lubricated, straight wall shape and reservoir tip.

Okamoto condoms are manufactured in Japan by the same makers as Crown and Beyond Seven condoms.

Okamoto 004 Condoms Specs

Length 7.75”
Circumference 3.88"
Lubrication Water-Based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Special Features Ultra Thin, Most Sensitive
Condom Specs
Okamoto 004 Condoms

Okamoto Condoms

Okamoto condoms are made in Japan and are the most sensitive condoms in the World. Okamoto are also the makers of the Crown and Beyond Seven Condom Brands.

Okamoto 004 Condoms Reviews

4.7 star rating (43 reviews) write a review
Chris - Tampa, Florida - 5 Stars

Very strong and very thin condom. Can't believe how strong they are for such a thin condom.

Henry W. - North Plainfield, NJ - 5 Stars

A must try condom. I have been searching for a thin, strong condom and am so thrilled that I found them.

Michael T. - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

These are great. I tried the 10-pack and it was incredible. Although they are costly, they are definantly worth it.

Mike - OK - 5 Stars

Holy burrito are these things great. Before trying these my favorite were the Skinless Skins, but these put the SS to shame, at least for me. It felt at least 50% "less there" than SS.

Jack - Dallas, Texas - 5 Stars

Just as good as Crown and Beyond Seven if not better.

Jaded in OC - Orange County, CA - 5 Stars

These condoms are great. They're the best feeling condoms I've ever used. They are very thin, so they transfer heat and feeling very well. Despite their thinness, they do not break easily. They fit quite snugly, and the lubrication on them is good. Zero smell.

I'm above average in size, and I don't cause the red ring around the base of my penis that I get with regular condoms, despite these not being large. These are short enough that I unroll them entirely, and flexible enough that they stretch rather than pinch.

Only downside to these is price.

Will - Baton Rouge, La - 3 Stars

They were really sensitive, but not much more than crown's skinless skin. So I wouldn't say they're worth the premium price increase. Very cool box though.

G4 - Phoenix, AZ - 5 Stars

These condoms are amazing for both her and I. We both climaxed the hardest with these. The only problem with them is they feel TOO good. I seriously thought I was wearing nothing but when we finished, the condom was still there and strong. UNBELIEVABLE!

Note: They are definitely on the tighter side. I am pretty thick and had about as much trouble getting them on as I did with Crown Skinless Skins.

Anonymous - San Diego, CA - 5 Stars

Feels even better than the Crown brand.

BW - FT.Thompson SD - 5 Stars

These are better than the original crown condoms. I prefer these over the originals. Give them a try, you wont go back to the originals!

Desirae - Dublin, CA - 5 Stars

These are a new staple in the house! I've become a condom snob since I found Beyond Sevens and now I'm ruined. LOL! To quote my bf "Beyond 7 is great, 004 is exceptional and worth the extra money!" Two thumbs up Okamoto I rave about them any time it comes up in conversation!

Nate - Sacramento, CA - 4 Stars

These have great feeling. One of my favorite!! She likes it too!

Ed - New York - 5 Stars

They do feel better than the blue packaged crown skinless. I did break one though. I believe it broke from a combination of no lube, using it too rough, and I should change if its been in use for more than ten minutes. I didn't break the others when I was more careful.

Zencat - Los Angeles - 1 Stars

These condoms are small! I'm avg. size and its a struggle to get one on and then it's so tight I can't feel anything. I gave them away.

schlammer - ft.thompson,sd - 5 Stars

by far the most natural feeling. these are better than the crowns that keep getting the highest review. try these and you wont go back to crown!!

Sparky - Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

Possibly the best super thin condom we've tried. Both the wife and I actually prefer this one over Crown and Beyond Seven. Yes, it's pricey. Is it better than LifeStyles Zero? We're still trying to figure that one out...

Jay - Illinois - 5 Stars

The best thing yet! Feels like nothing is there for either of us. The first time I used thes, I had to make sure it was still there!

Mark - Fort Worth TX - 5 Stars

Very nice condom. I usually go flat very fast when a condom is applied - this feels like nothing is on. The girlfriend thanks me for buying this condom as well!

aaron - Canada - 5 Stars

They really are the thinnest condom I've ever tried. Compared to Crowns, they are a bit harder to get on, and fit a bit more snugly. They also have a stronger latex smell. But they are much more sensitive.

D - los Angeles, ca - 5 Stars

This is by far the best condom I've ever used. Its so thin that it almost feels like bareback.

Jayhova - New York City - 5 Stars

The Pros: Thinnest I know, Thinner than regular blue Crowns.
Best one I know of.

Cons:Expensive, has broken on me. Might need a little lube to prevent break and switch out after 15-20 mins of straight usage before it breaks.

dude - kansas city mo - 5 Stars

usually use crown skinless skin but these are by far more sensitive. Best "feels like nothing" condom ever!

Amy - Olympia, WA - 5 Stars

Husband and I have been trying different sensitive brands and this one was the best most natural feel we have tried - it is like nothing, perfect amount of lube and so far no problems, no strong odor either, very natural feel. Also have used and liked the "Bareskin" but I think this one is even more natural feeling/closer.

One-time user - MN - 5 Stars

Finally, a condom that really doesn't feel like it's there (had to even check a few times that it was in fact still on). With the help of some lube he was able to finish has almost never happened with a condom on! Can't say how satisfied I am with this product having tried a few other condoms in the "thin" category...this just doesn't compare at all.

Ian - Calif. - 5 Stars

I just received these in the mail and was curious to try them with my GF to see if they were as described by many thin condoms as 'close to nothing' and am usually disappointed to find out that the condom is 'close to no feeling', but these 004 condoms are a complete different story! They honestly feel just about like you don't have anything between your skin and hers they're insane. I normally don't give two shits about writing a review about something but wanted to spend a few minutes to say finally a condom that doesn't make you feel like your in another room as your partner during sex.

DF - Minnesota - 4 Stars

These are good, but i think Crown skinless are still the best.

J.J - New York - 5 Stars

My girlfriend and I recently went back to using condoms and noticed a huge difference from years of using nothing. These condoms are the closest to wearing nothing I've ever experienced. Another plus is my girlfriend gives amazing oral but hates me finishing in her mouth, with these I get all the benefits and sensitivity of the oral and I can now cum in her mouth. A must buy. The only down side is these are a little smaller than the normal condom if you have a slightly thicker penis.

Mighty Joe Young - Los Angeles, California - 5 Stars

These are my favorite condoms since. It felt like I had nothing, these are the thinnest condoms I've tried so far, highly recommended. These Japanese know what they're doing ;p

rob - WDC - 4 Stars

We love these condoms because they are so thin I can't even see it on my penis and inside my gf it feels like I'm not wearing a condom. My only problem is that for my erection the condom is a little small, but once I have it rolled on, it's great. Even with the hard thrusting before ejaculating a 004 has never broken.

Matt - USA - 5 Stars

Best condom ever, no doubt. I experiment a lot with different condoms because I always use protection and these are definitely the best. Imagine the popular Crown condoms, but thinner and with better lube. That is these. They are pricey, but damn they are worth it.

DM - Chicago Il - 5 Stars

Absolutely fantastic -thin condom. Does not break during rough play and stays on! Our favorite condom now. Much thinner then my old standby Crown!

BigDickTechGeek - Anywhere, USA - 5 Stars

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Makes a crown feel like a raincoat.

Don - Canada - 5 Stars

I've never been able to cum EVER with a condom, I've always had difficulty due to sensitivity issues. So cumming from PIV was always WITHOUT a condom.

Thankfully, with this condom. Its so dam thin and strong that it feels like you're wearing nothing at all. LITERALLY. Its a god send. Highly recommend this condom over the Crown Skinless.

Jon - - 5 Stars

These are significantly thinner than anything from the winner's tin. I definitely notice and appreciate the difference. Some sites describe these as smaller than standard size. I tried the iron grip from the tin and they were very uncomfortable on me. If these are manufactured to be a smaller size, it's not constricting at all due to the thinness--if anything; it helps the sensation by making the condom less noticeable. Definitely give these a shot.

Shaun - - 4 Stars

Super thin. Not quite big enough.

Lawrence Haverhill - - 5 Stars

Tite is rite. For a healthy man, the tight fit should be no problem. Thin, tight, and strong.

Julius Jones - - 5 Stars

When I say it feels like nothing's there it literally feels like nothing's there I tried a lot of condoms this has got to be number one on my list

Lee Sarver - - 5 Stars

Buy these, buy these, just buy these. They feel amazing and better than ANY condom I've tried. If you try the 3 qty box, you'll wish you ordered way more.

Will - - 5 Stars

Best condom out there!! Nuthin feels better (outside of Lambskin)

Andrew L - - 4 Stars

not very lubricated.

Jared - - 5 Stars

They are thin and super sensitive! Tight fit but not uncomfortable. My wife and I love them for quick and easy anal play!

Cruz - Irving, TX - 5 Stars

These condoms are on the expensive side but well worth the price. Very very thin, out of every "thin" condom I've tried, this one is the best - hands down penis up! This condom is on the smaller side in girth. Thinner than Crown.

Sebastian - DALLAS, TX - 5 Stars

Great condom! Very thin and sensitive. Girls I've been with love how thin these condoms are. The price is a bit high than Crowns. Overall it's a five star condom.

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