Okamoto 004 Aloe Condoms

Okamoto 004 Aloe Condoms

By Okamoto Condoms

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We recommend using a condom safe lubricant with this condom for maximum sensation and to prevent accidental breakage.

The Okamoto 004 aloe (Zero Zero Four) condom is the thinnest latex condom we carry. Super sensitive and with an all natural Aloe (Waterbased) Lubricant.

Okamoto 004 Aloe Condoms Specs

Length 7.75"
Circumference 3.88"
Lubrication Water-Based with Natural Aloe
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Special Features Ultra Thin, Most Sensitive
Condom Specs

Okamoto Condoms

Okamoto condoms are made in Japan and are the most sensitive condoms in the World. Okamoto are also the makers of the Crown and Beyond Seven Condom Brands.

Okamoto 004 Aloe Condoms Reviews

4.3 star rating (9 reviews) write a review
Rebecca Covarrubias - - 1 Stars

Feels very natural. I’m very sensitive.

James Lynch - - 4 Stars

could be longer; everything else was as advertised.

Archie - - 5 Stars

Nice for me, too smooth for her.

Julius Jones - - 5 Stars

When I first used it I kept pulling out because I thought the condom was off lol it felt so real.

correiaa - - 5 Stars

Amazing my favorite lasts long and feels amazing

correiaa - - 5 Stars

Aswome feel and lubrication one of my favorites?üòç

Nasty - - 5 Stars

For a long time I used the 0.03 from Okamoto, but then I tried these and me and my partner enjoy them way more. It feels like there isn't a condom on. They are phenomenal, I have never had one break. I will always keep a box of these in my nightstand.

Cruz - Irving, Tx - 5 Stars

Just as thin as the original .004, with a touch of aloe lubricant. The lubricant used with this condom is very silky at first but will dry out a bit faster. I recommend using more lube. The condom has a unique green color. My girlfriend loved how it didn't smell or taste bad at all. She loved how thin the condom was. A great condom to try out.

Cruz - Irving, Tx - 4 Stars

Very thin condom. The aloe lube glides in smoothly for the first two strokes but will dry out. I recommend additional lube with these condoms. Light green tinted with no scent. I find these condoms to slide off due to the silky lube.

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