Magic Wand

Magic Wand

For over 30 years, the Magic Wand has set the standard for personal hand-held massagers.

This Electric Powered Vibrator is by far the Most Powerful vibrator ever. Although it looks and acts like a hand held muscle massager, it has been used for many years as a clitoral vibrator. The Magic Wand is probably the most well known vibrator!

The soft spherical head gives a soothing massage, operated by a two speed switch located on the Wand's slender handle.

Unlike battery powered massagers, the Magic Wand's strong electric motor is powered using a standard cord/plug, providing a constant power source for those extended massage sessions. Operates on 110 - 120 volts.

Two speeds: 6000/5000 rpm.

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Magic Wand Specs

Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 9/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 10/10Powerful
Powered By Electricity!
Speed 2 Speed Hi-Low

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