Lover's Power Bullet

Lover's Power Bullet

3.7 star rating (7 reviews) write a review

About 2 inches in length, the waterproof Lover's Power Bullet is a discreet personal bullet massager that delivers the power you would expect out of a larger bullet massager. Perfect for travel and easily fits in your pocket, purse, or cosmetic bag.

The Lover's Power Bullet massager provides intense stimulation, with the convenience of compact size and a quiet motor. Other wireless vibrating bullets have lacked in intensity before, but the Lover's Power Bullet does not disappoint.

- Operated by 3 "G13-A" batteries that are included.

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Lover's Power Bullet Specs

Made Of Plastic
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 3/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 7/10Powerful
Powered By 3 G13-A batteries (included)
Speeds Multi-Speed
Length 2-1/4"
Width (around) 2-3/8"

Lover's Power Bullet Reviews

3.7 star rating (7 reviews) write a review
Kerry - MA - 1 Stars

These are garbage. While it does vibrate, the on/off button doesn't work and in order to get the thing to stop, I have to take it apart.
I contacted customer service to let them know I had a defective product and they sent me another one of the same, also defective.
Don't waste your money on this one! It may seem like a low price but if it doesn't work, it's too expensive.
Would give it negative stars if possible.

KAM - Florida - 4 Stars

Wow - I agree that this definitely packs a punch. Mine didn't have multiple speeds either, but I like the intensity. I will probably order more just in case this one stops working - highly recommend.

AL - Washington, DC - 4 Stars

This was my first vibrator and its alright. When it works its great - powerful vibrations, nice and quiet. However, like some other reviewers said, the on-off button never worked from the start and sometimes it'll switch speeds on me randomly and I'll have to open and close the top to get it back to the speed I want. I suppose its worth the 8 bucks, but I might try for something better next time.

Emery - Castle Rock, WA - 4 Stars

I have to say I don't feel the separate speeds but wow does this thing pack a punch. And for only $9 it is no large expense.

Sarah - Appleton, WI - 4 Stars

The on and off switch broke right away, but it still works I just have to take the batteries out... There is no difference in speeds... very powerful not loud at all. I recommended it! I'm going to buy another one now!

Craig - Batesburg, South Carolina - 4 Stars

Bought this for my girlfriend being she never used a vibrator before. I wanted something EZ to use. This drove her up the wall and now it's her favorite toy. I recommend for first timers.

Rachel - Dallas,TX - 5 Stars

Boy does this thing have some power....DAMN... and boy does it work!!!! AWESOME for the price and very discreet!!!

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