Lixx Dental Dams

Lixx Dental Dams

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A dental dam is basically a small sheet of latex which acts as a barrier between the vagina or anus and the mouth. Dental dams get their name because they are used during dental surgery such as root canals. Due to the possible infectious secretions from both the vagina and anus, the dental dam is becoming a more popular safer sex tool.

With the introduction of different colors, shapes and sizes, manufacturers are adding some exciting changes to what once was sterile translucent-white latex.


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Lixx Dental Dams are the most popular dental dams available on the market today. They provide a protective barrier when performing oral sex with the added benefit of 5 different flavors! Lixx Dental Dams are a latex product, meaning that they can be used with flavored lubricants for an extra flavorful experience. Condom Depot is the best place online to buy Lixx Dental Dams.

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