Lifestyles Zero Original

Lifestyles Zero Original

By LifeStyles

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Lifestyles Zero Original condoms are the thinnest Lifestyles condoms yet. Featuring micro-thin, premium-grade latex material that's lubricated for a natural feel, bringing you so close to your partner that you can feel the heat!

Zero Original, Lifestyles' thinnest condom ever, is scientifically engineered to make you feel closer to your partner. Made of premium, ultra-strength thin latex condom material, it’s 52% thinner than other Lifestyles products. So thin that you can feel the heat, providing maximum sensation.

Lifestyles Zero Original Condom Features:
- Micro-thin latex, offering maximum sensation
- Scientifically engineered to feel the heat
- Straight-shaped
- Lubricated with premium ULTRAGLIDE™
- Reservoir tip

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Lifestyles Zero Original Specs

Length 8.125"
Width 1.93"
Circumference 3.875"
Condom Material Ultra-Thin Latex
Lubrication Silicone-based, ULTRAGLIDE™
Special Features Straight-Shaped with Reservoir Tip
Condom Specs
Lifestyles Zero Original
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