Lifestyles THYN UltraGlide

Lifestyles THYN UltraGlide

Tired of thick, dry condoms? You’re not the only one. The LifeStyles THYN UltraGlide is the ideal condom for those who desire a thinner condom with more moisture, without sacrificing safety.

In fact, this lube is so long lasting, you may not even require additional lube. And, its second skin comfort level, due to its flared shape, will totally knock your socks off.

What’s more is, even if your budget is stretched pretty thin, the THYN has been reasonably priced to be within your price range. Try them out and you’ll definitely think the THYN is a win.

EXP 12/2016
Product Has Been Discontinued

Lifestyles THYN UltraGlide Reviews

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