LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom Stocking

LifeStyles Snugger Fit Condom Stocking

This Holiday Condom Sampler Pack Includes

- 100 LifeStyles Snugger Fit "Small" Sized Condoms
- 1 Holiday Stocking
- Select Product Options for Multiple Quantity Discounts.

About These Condoms
The LifeStyle Snugger Fit latex condom is an ultra sensitive condom with a narrower grip on the shaft which will prevent the condom from slipping off during use. If you or your partner has had issues with slippage in the past, try this comfortable condom on for size.

Their shape is very slightly flared at the head for added room, all while still staying snug enough at the base for safety and protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.

The Snugger Fit condom hugs the shaft, has a reservoir tip, a high-quality lubricant and is ideal for use by longer and thinner men.

What could be more festive than a Holiday Stocking filled to the brim with snugger fit condoms so you can snuggle up to your loved one this holiday season? Condom Depot knows the importance of being close to your loved ones for the holidays, but still wants you to stay safe. That's why we created our snugger fit holiday condom sampler. Just like the many condom sampler packs we offer on Condom Depot, you can be sure that your condoms will be fresh and shipped to you discreetly.
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