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At last, a large sized non-latex condom that feels just as natural and soft as skin.

The LifeStyles SKYN Large Non-Latex Condom is just what larger sized SKYN fans have been waiting for! Not only is this condom much longer than an average sized condom, the girth is much wider as well. Yes, well endowed men can finally be as comfortable in non-latex condoms as average sized men are!

Made from top-of-the-line Polyisoprene, the SKYN Large Non-Latex Condom is ideal for those with latex allergies due to its incredible softness, stretchiness and durability. Plus, it doesn’t have the tell-tale crinkling sound of other non-latex condoms.

The SKYN Large Non-Latex condom offers supreme protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancies and because of its premium materials and long lasting lubricant, it feels just like bare skin.

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Lifestyles SKYN Large condoms are just one of our many varieties of non-latex condoms we carry at Condom Depot for people with latex allergies. Even though these condoms are called "SKYN" they are not actually made of lambskin like the Trojan Naturalamb condoms. But don't let the polyisoprene material fool you, LifeStyles SKYN Large are a premier large condom for people with latex allergies. Not sure if LifeStyles SKYN Large is right for you? Try out our non-latex condom sampler to find the best condom compatible with your latex allergy.

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Large Non-Latex Condoms Specs

Length 8.62" or 218.95mm
Width 2.12" or 53.8mm
Diameter 1.27" or 32.26mm
Circumference 4" or 101.6mm
Lubrication Silicone Based
Material Polyisoprene
Features Non-Latex, Reservoir Tip

LifeStyles Condoms

LifeStyles condoms have been manufactured by the Ansell Company in Australia since the 1960’s. LifeStyles latex condoms have stood the test of time for over five decades and are available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, colors and textures.

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Large Non-Latex Condoms Reviews

4.8 star rating (56 reviews) write a review
Just as advertised! - Portland OR - 5 Stars

Wow, simply wow. Feels almost like going without a condom. Feels great. Switching to these from latex from now on!

Blinkingbluelight - Atlanta - 4 Stars

Very impressed. I have been using Magnums for many years. New girlfriend was complaining about burning but wasn't sure if it was the lube, condom or both. Tried changing lubes with no luck. Finally found the SKYN and with very little confidence. Surprise! Worked perfect, she had no burning. She must be allergic to latex, who knew? Second surprise, there was no nasty condom smell. The only issue would be size. It's large but not as large as the Magnum XL so it was a little more snug than what I am accustomed to. The regular size would be too small and likely slip off.

RS - Massachusetts - 5 Stars

Love these. My partner and I found that we are both allergic to latex, I have glycerin sensitivities (these are lubricated with silicone, I believe) and my partner needs a larger size. These are really the only option available without venturing into female condom or lamb territory, but they are great!! Nice heat transfer, as well.

GD - Chicago - 5 Stars

Amazing! Ths condoms feel like you're wearing nothing at all. And they aren't tight.

rc - chicago,il - 4 Stars

This is a decent product for someone such as myself that has above Average girth. Other types have broke and always have felt a little to tight making the action uncomfortable

Junior - NY, NY - 5 Stars

Really comfortable and amazing performance! You can forget you have a condom on wearing this, it is ultra thin and feels like the real deal. Love the fact that it is non-latex so it canis be used with anyone! Girls will love how real it feels and no more of the rediculous wrapper feel.

JG - Long Island, NY - 5 Stars

I have a latex allergy just tried these for the first time a couple of weeks ago.
These are better than the non-latex ones I usually use (the regular Lifestyle SKYN) because they have a bit more room and are a bit more durable.
These condoms hold up under pounding!
They fit a variety of lengths and girths and rarely break.
I really like that I can use oils with them too!

avedablk - durham, nc - 5 Stars

I looked at the condom depot chart to see which where the longest, widest, and thinnest. I am well endowed, a lil over 9 inches and not sure about my girth but I definitely am girthy. Because I can't use latex I tried these. They are GRRREEEAATTT! They really do feel like skin and they stretch ALOT and are comfortable and are plenty thin and conduct body heat and sensation very well. Better than Magnum Thins and Magnum XL especially since these are not latex. Polyisoprene is like soft skin. I have a big piece and my piece loves Skyn Large lol. It works great or vaginal or anal sex. My new favorite condom.

Matt - Texas - 5 Stars

First condom that didn't cut off my circulation. Perfect.

Michael - dayton, ohio - 5 Stars

I love these things, my wife can't touch latex so these have been our go to condom. Seeing as there are not too many latex free condoms out there I'd say we've tried about all of them and these come out on top every time. We've been using these for a couple years now and never had one break on us. These feel great and are a good fit for me, the regular ones were a little too snug and even so we only had one of those break on us once the many times we used them so this is a good brand and a very trust worthy condom if you are using the right size for you :) hope this helps anyone looking for a latex free condom and good luck!

Connie - Seattle, WA - 5 Stars

My partner and I were looking for our own variety of condoms to try out all because we both hate the Magnums. He and I hated the smell and for me, the Magnums irritated me internally and I would end up with Urinary Tract Infections that were very severe for whatever they put on those condoms. So my man and I put together a variety of 5 from Condom Depot and we gave this one a try first! We're not latex sensitive but the first thing about these is no horrid smell, in fact, no smell at all, they stayed on well and were very similar to skin! It felt just like him and didn't feel like a balloon in my insides. We hate condoms but we need them on special occasions and he says for a condom it was pretty darn good! I suggest these not only to people allergic to latex looking for a "close to the real thing" option but I also suggest these to ladies with very sensitive regions and low immune systems. Thanks condom depot! Will be buying again.

Tiffany - UK - 4 Stars

My new boyfriend and I were both relieved when I found these, he complained regular condoms were too small and tight and I worried they'd come off during sex as they didn't cover his wi**y all the way dow, most were an inch or more too short. These fit snugly and feel lovely, he hardly notices he's wearing them - great to be able to have sex every night with no discomfort or after-effects!

Jay - ny, ny - 5 Stars

To me the mark of a good condom is not thinking about it once its on. these condoms really feel great. We tried them out of a variety pack and they really are larger and far more comfortable than the standard size skyn. If they could just make an extra lubricated large then we would really be in business.

Anonymous - Tampa, FL - 5 Stars

Only non-latex condom we have used, and we love them! Hubby loves the size large which are also a confidence booster. No yucky latex smell, better sensation

Anonymous - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

I've tried many large condoms and these came in a sampler pack I ordered from Nothing else (for me) compares to these.

Chris Mack - Manassas Virginia - 4 Stars

these are great at a very pleasurable experience with these normally I use latex condoms but these feel even better I would definitely recommend these for anyone who wants to just try something different or if you have a latex allergy it feels very thin and is very comfortable soon as these are the large size and the lubrication is great just slides right on very quickly so it doesn't distract from the moment definitely a good buy

Mack - Woodbridge va - 4 Stars

great condom, great feel. Its same thicknesses as other cindoms but feels a lot thinner and sensational. The lubricant goes on for a longer time since it is silicone. I personal like these more then latex condoms. No quarrels with the comdom!

Mack - Woodbridge va - 5 Stars

Definitely one of the best condoms are the market. Not necessarily the thinnest but definitely one of the best feeling. The material transfers heat and makes you feel like you are bareback. It is easy to roll down and easy to rip foil. I would recommend these greatly as these are my favorite kind!

Chris - Woodbridge va - 5 Stars

To me on the top 3 list of condoms. Its very comfortable and smooth. Feels very thin. Allows you to feel what you wanna feel; her not the condom. I have no trouble getting off with these as I do with most others. Highly recommend these get bulk order

Tashaun - Memphis Tn - 5 Stars

I've been using this condom for years. I love it. I has never broken on me and it feels so natural. Its like its not even there.I'm allergic to latex so these are the only condoms that don't irritate me. I had to comment and share my experience. I love skyn condoms!

Ashley - Brooklyn,ny - 4 Stars

Considering that my boyfriend has a latex allergy, he doesn't like condoms. However, he likes skyn a lot. He says it almost feels like nothing at all. And the large is perfect for those that are thicker in girth.

Chris - Oregon - 5 Stars

The fit is amazing and the feel is superb for both parties. I've tried almost all the large condoms available, including the sampler pack here, and this is by far the best.

smack - Milwaukee - 5 Stars

I'm long, but average girth - until the climax. These fit perfect and aren't too tight when I expand. The non-latex material allows heat and texture sensation that latex condoms block out. Not quite as good as a Crown, but Crown does not come in large.

Tony - - 5 Stars

AWESOME product the fit is great no strong scent feels Great

Edwin - - 5 Stars

Mis favoritos, no mal olor, buena sensaci??n

Joanna - - 3 Stars

Its the only large size non-latex condom on the market and yet it is barley larger than the regular size SKYN. My partner said they didn't feel a difference in size. They like to use magnums but I can't use latex so....

Megan - - 5 Stars

Super comfortable condoms for both wearer and recipient. Great option for non-latex users.

Tim Webster - - 5 Stars

Good fit for a larger condom.

Shannon Bowman - - 5 Stars

Great product for people with latex sensitivity

DAVE D. - - 5 Stars

SKYN's non latex material has always been my favorite choice. There is a noticable increase in sensation and feeling of heat transfer that other condoms can't match. This new larger size format I would recommend for any guy endowed even a bit larger than average.
Buying the bulk quantities reduces the per condom price so much that I don't hesitate pulling one off to change the activity or take a break and then slip on a fresh one to keep going.

Derek Esco - - 5 Stars

This Is a quality condom and I really love the material, unfortunately it was a bit snug on me and caused some discomfort and discoloration from the restricted blood flow. Hopefully they come out with a little wider version because the feel of this material is amazing.

Oyanka - - 5 Stars

Great condoms especially if you have a latex allergy. They feel very smooth and are awesome

Christopher Harris - - 5 Stars

These are the only condoms I use

chip chipperson - - 5 Stars

Great alternative to latex.

Conroy Gordon - - 5 Stars

Great deal and fast delivery

Ray - - 5 Stars

These are phenomenal and barely feel like you’re wearing anything

Pepino - - 5 Stars

Best condom I've ever tried, it feels almost like nothing.

Michelle Hardenbrook - - 5 Stars

Haven't used this one yet but all the Skyn products I have used have been excellent.

Swinger Joe from Texas - - 5 Stars

Great - I wish they had another larger size

Wallace Easley - - 5 Stars

Right on time thank u guys again

Tommy (Portland, OR) - - 5 Stars

Large size (for the gents that are a bit longer and girthier than average), latex free (polyurethane), light lubricant—like, it just kinda feels good to be safe. And, you can buy em in bulk. Win. I love em.

Jonathan Price - - 5 Stars

Good feel, good larger condoms without being as silly large as the Trojan Magnum XXL things.

Juan - - 5 Stars

Fit great and feels great.

DAVE D. - - 5 Stars

The SKYN condom provides noticeably increased sensation and heat transfer. The non latex material is superior in my experience. I was so glad when they came out with the Large size, added comfort on top of the best sensation. Stock up, you won't want to use anything else1

Michael Hardy - - 5 Stars

Easy transaction, quick tracking and shipping, great product, and with a discount!

Be kind, honor and visit with seniors - - 5 Stars

Great product, three years until they expire. Been using for over 5 years without any problems and my wife hasn't gotten pregnant while using....just don't be that guy who only puts on condom after a x number of minutes.
Thin, feels like next to nothing at all, plenty of room without excess. You could stretch this thing over your forearm and it wouldn't break.

Wish Lifestyles would be more transparent/clear about what goes into the minimal amount of lube that's on the condoms. No bad reaction to them but still nice to know

A Maynard - - 5 Stars

A good large condom at a good price. Dark package makes it easy to hide but hard to find.

Rob Mc - - 5 Stars

GREAT product!!! The feel of the product is outstanding!

Chelsie - - 5 Stars

SKYN large is almost close and comparable to the large Magnums but these are non latex and do not have the weird rubber smell. I would recommend trying these if you are looking for a large non latex condom.

Jonathan Feldman - - 5 Stars

The Best non latex Option

Bill - - 5 Stars

Great product at a great price

Rich - - 5 Stars

Good fit, good feel

Curtis R Gavin - Las Vegas - 4 Stars

This will be the perfect on them for me if they’ve made it in XL magnum size? No bad condom smell Can someone please make these and XL...

D. Martin - Houston - 5 Stars

I have very sensitive skin, so latex-free is the ONLY WAY for me!!! Even though they still give me little irritations from time to time, it's nothing anywhere close to the irritations I was getting from latex Condoms!!! And being larger is also a big time plus, because it wouldn't be fun using standard Condoms, and having no other latex-free options. GRATEFUL!!!

Thomas - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

I prefer these over Crowns. I'd say they're a great alternative to latex, but I actually like them a whole lot more. They are a bit wider. have a larger diameter for girth, and are a bit longer than the Crowns (which are the latex condoms I use). Personally, they're infinitely more comfortable for me. No latex allergy, they just feel great—as great as a condom can feel. Highly recommended!

Amazing - Pewaukee, WI - 5 Stars

AMAZING! My husband and I buy these because I am allergic to latex, and i can tell you that they are absolutely amazing, and probably the best purchase we made. initially got the regular, but then it was cutting off his blood flow (no good for either of us), and so we got the large, and it is amazing! Highly recommend! bought the 48 pack 2 times now! getting it again for sure! This website has the best deal for condoms

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