Lifestyles Sensitivity Premium Pack

Lifestyles Sensitivity Premium Pack

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All your favorite Lifestyles condoms in one premium pack! Featuring the best condoms for sensitivity, this pack includes an assortment of Lifestyles SKYN Elite, Ultra Ribbed and Ultra Sensitive.

LifeStyles SKYN Elite Condoms are a non-latex condom, made from the revolutionary SKYNFEEL™ material. This latex-free material is ultra-thin and soft, which allows for a more comfortable fit.

LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms are designed for your partner to experience more pleasure. These ribbed condoms are made from the highest-quality latex, and a long-lasting lubricant. Featuring a straight shape and plenty of texture for a bumpy ride!

LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Condoms are perfect if want to feel everything there is to feel. With a slightly less than average girth size, this condom is ideal for longer thinner guys who desire the most sensitive condom they can find. Made from a high-quality latex and water-based lubricant.

Lifestyles Premium Pack Features:
SKYN Elite:
- Ultra-thin and soft for maximum comfort
- Material: non-latex, polyisoprene condoms
- Lubricant: Silicone-based
- Length: 7.87”
- Circumference: 4”

- Ultra ribbed for maximum pleasure
- Material: Latex
- Lubricant: Water-based
- Length: 8”
- Circumference: 3.88”

- Thin for a natural feel
- Material: Latex
- Lubricant: Water-based
- Length: 7.87”
- Circumference: 3.8”

Retail box of 12: includes 4 SKYN Elite, 4 Ultra Ribbed and 4 Ultra Sensitive
Bulk pack of 48 condoms: includes 16 SKYN Elite, 16 Ultra Ribbed and 16 Ultra Sensitive

Please note:
– Sorry, coupon codes are not accepted on bulk packs.
– We can not guarantee quantity of specific styles for bulk packs.

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