LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms

LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms

By LifeStyles Condoms

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The Ribbed Pleasure Condoms by LifeStyles lined with ribs to make her experience more pleasurable. These ribbed condoms are made from the highest quality latex that you expect from the LifeStyles brand.

If you’re looking for a textured condom that has had years of refinement into the design, this is the condom for you.

Get ready for the best and bumpiest ride of your life with the LifeStyles Ribbed Pleasure!

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LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms Specs

Length 8
Width 1.94” or 49.21mm
Diameter 1.23
Circumference 3.88
Lubrication Silicone Based
Material Latex
Features Reservoir tip, Ribs
Condom Specs
LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms

LifeStyles Condoms

LifeStyles condoms have been manufactured by the Ansell Company in Australia since the 1960’s. LifeStyles latex condoms have stood the test of time for over five decades and are available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, colors and textures.

LifeStyles Ultra Ribbed Condoms Reviews

4.5 star rating (17 reviews) write a review
James - New York - 5 Stars

Best so far! Wife likes them when we use condoms for a little variety.

Richie - MPLS, MN - 5 Stars

I find this the best out there, It's a bit hard to get on. Because its tight snug fit. And I can feel the ribs in it for my pleasure as well.

Rich - Minneapolis - 5 Stars

I've tried a lot of condoms and these are the best. I little tight rolling on. But once on they fit and work well. I enjoy the feel of these. And have found a favorite.

boy - filly - 5 Stars

simply incredibly, a little tight and i did break 2 (one of which was almost catastrophic) but for as tight as they were they were not uncomfortably tight, and the tightness added to my pleasure while my gf was screaming her lungs out. definitely recommended!

Paula - Northern Virginia - 1 Stars

Love the way they feel, but they're too small and they keep breaking. That sucks!

Chris - Duarte, CA - 4 Stars

Really good, but fits a little tight. Be sure to pay attention to sizes.

Sarah - California - 5 Stars

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed these. He liked being able to feel the ribs on the inside and they had enough lube on them for me. You can really feel the ribs on them without it getting to much friction while going fast.

Jason - Tacoma, WA - 5 Stars

Good condom...wife wanted something different than the Magnum XL's I normally use, so I bit the bullet and wedged my larger than average penis into one of these. At first I was afraid it was going to split with the combination of a big me and a tight her, but it hung in there, and the ribs must have hit the spot, because she let me know...good change-of-pace condom...

Richard - - 5 Stars

An all time favorite. Perfect fit over slightly larger than average. Ribs are not overwhelming. If you're alone put this on, then later turn it inside out and put back on. Quite an experience.

Stefan - - 5 Stars

Bought few pieces in past and women seems to enjoy it esp when they are on top.

Whitney Wilson - - 5 Stars

Loved them

Rob - Nashvegas - 2 Stars

Meh. Neither us saw or felt the ribs. It was tighter than usual but didn’t break. We added lube inside and out. Nothing to write home about.

Slowpoke - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

My girlfriend loves these as even on the short strokes you can feel the ribs!

Adam - Normal, Illinois - 5 Stars

Guys these feel good for us too, and she will love it. She couldn't stay quiet

Mac - California - 5 Stars

One of the only condoms my girlfriend enjoys, and she says its her favorite.

Dillon - Muscatine, Iowa - 4 Stars

This condom is the best. My girlfriend was in love with these. Doesn't slip or break. Never broke one yet... knock on wood. Best one I have tried so far.

Airegin - San Francisco, CA - 5 Stars

Wonderful condoms, they fit snug and have a wonderful feel for both partners.

These condoms work great for pleasuring her, she has several orgasms screaming her lungs out and they leave her completely exhausted.

Highly recommended

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