LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms

By LifeStyles

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The Lifestyles Non-Lubricated condoms are the longest and widest dry condoms on the market.

These high quality non lubricated condoms come with a reservoir tip and are perfect for use with your favorite water or silicone-based lubricant.

Coupon & Shipping Restrictions: bulk condom cases, 252 and 504 Bulk Packs are not eligible for coupon discounts or free shipping. 

Non-lubricated condoms are perfect when you have a preferred brand of personal lubricant, or may be sensitive to lubricants that come with most condom brands. Be sure only to use water based lube, oil-based lubricants can degrade the latex leading to breakage.

LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms Specs

Length 7.87"
Circumference 3.80"
Lubrication Non-Lubricated
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Contoured
Features Extra Head Room
Condom Specs
LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms

LifeStyles Non-Lubricated Condoms Reviews

4.2 star rating (9 reviews) write a review
Dane and Melanie - NJ - 5 Stars

Our favorite by far! No smell, fits great (don't worry about the fact that it's "the widest on the market" if you're not particularly "wide"), and feels fantastic with a little liquid lube. If you don't like lubricated condoms, definitely try these!

Bill - Lexington, KY - 5 Stars

Was looking for a condom that would provide more sensitivity, and these do the trick.

China - dEROguWa - 1 Stars

Io proprio non capisco: siamo di fronte a un bellissimo scorcio di vita familiare, e c'è ancora chi deve analizzare i perchè e i percome dei39#l&;anlma di questa bambina.. Io invece non riesco a far altro che sorridere, per questa furbetta che le inventa tutte per stare con la sua mamma.. :-) e brava PoRLpi.. E brava Chiara!

william vaughan - - 5 Stars

Great price and they work fine for masturbating

Alvin Rupp - - 5 Stars

They offer what I require at a fair price that other retailers don't. The condoms are thin, but don't break. They don't irritate my skin and are easy to remove from the packaging. Bravo!

Muhammad HAFEEZ - - 5 Stars

Always great service.

John - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

this was the second best non-lubricated condom i have used lifestyles non- lubricated and durex natural feeling non-lubricated are the best non-lubricared condoms so get them both.

Deja - Arcata, CA - 2 Stars

These are pretty good sensation wise, but the latex smell is pretty intense. When you add lube to these they seem to dry out sooner than if you just used a lubricated condom. Don't really see the point of non lubricated condoms unless you want a mouth full of latex.

Patricia - Citrus Heights, CA - 5 Stars

I've ordered these condoms many times. They are amazing and the best that you can get since Durex discontinued their non-lubricated line. I would recommend trying these out first before other ones. If you're like me, I'm allergic to the lubrication on normal condoms. These work fantastic.

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