LifeStyles Tough (Extra Strength)

LifeStyles Tough (Extra Strength)

By LifeStyles Condoms

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LifeStyles Tough Extra Strength latex condoms are the original extra strength condoms. Not only do they provide extra peace of mind when it comes to staying protected, they offer a great deal of sensitivity as well.

When you use LifeStyles Extra Strength condoms, you can rest assured knowing that you chose the highest quality extra strength condom available.

Coupon & Shipping Restrictions: packs of 250, 500 and cases of 1,000 or more are not eligible for coupon discounts. Cases are not eligible for free shipping.

Extra-strength condoms are great for people who are concerned about condom breaks. For those who are interested in thicker condoms for longer performance, we sometimes find it helpful to add an erection ring or climax control condoms.

LifeStyles Tough (Extra Strength) Specs

Length 7.87
Width 2
Diameter 1.27
Circumference 4
Lubrication Silicone Based
Material Latex
Features Reservoir tip
Condom Specs
LifeStyles Tough (Extra Strength)

LifeStyles Condoms

LifeStyles condoms have been manufactured by the Ansell Company in Australia since the 1960’s. LifeStyles latex condoms have stood the test of time for over five decades and are available in a wide variety of sizes, flavors, colors and textures.

LifeStyles Tough (Extra Strength) Reviews

4.4 star rating (20 reviews) write a review
Jay - New York, NY - 5 Stars

I love this condom added thickness and strength so when your not really sure about your partner.

Mitch - Lake Oswego, OR - 5 Stars

Great condom. I have never had one break on me. Will buy again.

Mark - Chicago IL - 5 Stars

Great Condom !! Got the 24 pack and none of them broke! Makes me feel extra protected and safe. By far the best condom ever!

Dave p - Nee York - 5 Stars

Been using it for years just wish they had one size bigger though too tight on me

Pete - Charlotte - 4 Stars

On the negative side, when I use these, I can only feel enough sensation to stay erect. On the plus side, because I can't feel as much, I can go all night.

Nicholas - - 4 Stars

Still a little too sensitive for me. I really like the Goku Atsu Japanese condoms but these are more economical. Still very strong and haven't had any issues. Also, I am relatively average in size and they were pretty tight so keep that in mind.

Lisa Favara - - 5 Stars

Stronger condom excellent for anal sex

Kurt Bennett - - 4 Stars

Does what it needs to do. You have a bit less sensitivity than you would with a regular condom but I don't mind.

Felix Customer - - 5 Stars

I don’t have to worry about the condom breaking

Monique Breaux - - 5 Stars

Worked great, awesome price, will buy again

zorinky nunez - - 5 Stars

Keep coming back to buy them. Love them

Mike - Atlanta, GA - 5 Stars

I like this condom it is the best extra strength condom and I wish they will start selling these at the gas station.

Craig - Atlanta,GA - 5 Stars

This a good condom try these I wish they we sell these everywhere

Matthew - Valdosta, GA - 5 Stars

These condoms are strong, but they are still very sensitive, comfortable, and have no offensive odor or taste. My girl loves them.

taylor - ney york, new york - 4 Stars

The condoms have broken during anal sex, this one is by far the best choice for that...

Jason - Cleveland, Ohio - 4 Stars

I usually use these. Not bad, but sometimes when I can't restrain myself they stretch and rupture. Also tried polyurethane condoms because I heard they are less elastic, but those are even weaker. There needs to be a ruber that is really Extra strong!

David - St. Louis MO - 2 Stars

This condom is the worst condom I have ever used. I couldn't feel anything with this condom.

Anonymous - Lexington, Ky - 1 Stars

Way too thick...especially if you're used to using Lifestyles Ultra Thin. This condom didn't do anything for me or my husband. Wouldn't recommend it unless your only concern is breakage.

ryan50 - brunswick, ga - 5 Stars

One of the best extra strength condoms out there. People say they couldn't feel anything, well that's probably the girl(no offense) these are great for those one nighters.

Jamar - Palmer, AK - 5 Stars

Awesome condom. Great fit, always stayed in place and didn't roll up on me during rough sex.

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