L.A. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condoms

L.A. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condoms

By Caution Wear Condoms

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L.A. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condoms are everything you need (plus more) to ignite the fire in your passion play! Featuring extra studs that are raised super high, and a silky smooth lubrication that's long-lasting for more play time. 

Manufactured by the well-known brand Caution Wear, L.A. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condoms are transparent in color, and covered in studs from mid-shaft to the tip. Secret Passion Studded Condoms are made with premium latex materials using advanced manufacturing technologies, which ensure reliability and durability, but never compromise feeling between partners. 

L.A.. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condom Features:
– Raised, extra sensual studs from mid-shaft to tip.
– Long-lasting, ultra-smooth, silicone-based lubricant.
– Super comfortable, latex material.
– Manufactured using advanced technologies and premium materials. 

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L.A. Confidential Secret Passion Studded Condoms Specs

Length 8.12"
Circumference 4.00"
Lubrication Silicone-Based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight Wall
Special Features Extra, Raised Studs
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Caution Wear Condoms

Caution Wear condoms are an up and coming brand. These condoms are manufactured using the highest international standards offering premium protection at a great value and come in many various sizes, colors and textures.

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