Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube

Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube

Not only is this one of the thinnest condoms available in the US, these Kimono MicroThin Ultra condoms are also lubricated with a special water-based lubricant called Aqua Lube.

Aqua Lube is pH balanced, long lasting and it provides a silky, natural and sensual feeling. Aqua Lube has unique properties, which allows it to seamlessly combine with her body's natural lubrication creating instant excitement for both of you.

MicroThin Ultra Aqua Lube Condoms also feature a new straight-sided shape that makes it easier to put on. Kimono MicroThin Ultra Aqua Lube Condoms are the result of sophisticated Japanese engineering and special natural rubber latex processed with state of the art technology. The outcome is an exceptionally reliable, perfectly lubricated and incredibly thin condom.

Kimono Microthin Ultra Lubricated condoms are just one of multiple styles from kimono condoms we carry. Additionally, there are many different extra lube condoms that you can browse. Not interested in the lubrication that comes with this condom? Check out our wide selection of sex lube.
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Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube Specs

Length 7.5” or 190.5mm
Width 1.87” or 47.63mm
Diameter 1.19" or 30.22mm
Circumference 3.74" or 95mm
Lubrication Aqua Lube
Material Latex
Features Reservoir Tip, Ultra Lubricated
Condom Specs
Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqualube

Kimono Condoms

Kimono condoms are so thin and comfortable that when you wear one, you will feel exactly as though you are riding bareback. Kimono condoms are specially designed in Japan to be extremely sheer, super thin and ultra dependable.

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