Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms

Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms

By Kimono Condoms

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The Kimono MicroThin Large condom intelligently combines sheer thinness and ultimate strength in a larger size condom. The MicroThin Large has been specially designed for the even most discriminating consumer who demands the maximum amount of sensation without sacrificing size.

When condoms are too small, they are more likely to break. Because size does matter, Kimono MicroThin Large offers a longer shaft, more head room and is 20-45% thinner than competitors’ thin condoms.

Kimono MicroThin Large is the result of sophisticated Japanese engineering and special natural rubber latex processed with state of the art technology. The result is a larger sized, exceptionally reliable and incredibly thin condom.

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Kimono Microthin Large Condoms are great when paired with one of our waterbased lube choices. Kimono is just one brand of many we feature in our sensitive condom inventory. Check out all of your choices with free shipping from Condom Depot.

Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms Specs

Length 7.50"
Circumference 4.00"
Lubrication Silicone-based
Condom Material Latex
Condom Shape Straight-Walled
Special Features Reservoir Tip, Thin
Condom Specs
Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms

Kimono Condoms

Kimono condoms are so thin and comfortable that when you wear one, you will feel exactly as though you are riding bareback. Kimono condoms are specially designed in Japan to be extremely sheer, super thin and ultra dependable.

Kimono MicroThin Large Condoms Reviews

3.7 star rating (52 reviews) write a review
Jimmy G - El Paso, Texas - 1 Stars

Same as a lot of people, this condom needs additional lube and is entirely too small. I don't care what the posted stats are on it, it is uncomfortably tight if you are used to Magnums and trying to find an alternative to those POS.

blank - new york - 5 Stars

These are great. I use them all the time. The large isn't exactly large though. I mean. they fit, but they aren't big enough really. still great and sex feels amazing with them.

Dave - Irvine, ca - 4 Stars

They give you more sensation than the Trojan Magnum thin but slightly tighter. The Trojan's are easier to get on and seem to have a better fit and feel more durable but if you are judging purely based on the feel this feels like you basically have nothing on, in fact, I had to keep checking to make sure it was still there. You definitely need a good lube with these because they can get a bit dry and bankrobber your head!

John - New York, New York - 5 Stars

I have no idea what Julian is talking about... These are NOT skinnier, they are much larger. I don't know where you get your Magnums, but this is larger than both the Magnums AND MagnumXL brand condom.

Amy - Pittsburg, KS - 4 Stars

You will probably like this condoms if you're a guy who is just a little bigger than average. If you're really big, I doubt they will work for you but if you've only got a half-inch to an inch on the average fella, you'll probably like these.

They're noticeably thinner than most condoms but we've never had one break on us.

A condom is still a condom but these are better than most.

Tom - Minneapolis, MN - 5 Stars

These are the best if you're looking for more width than a standard condom. They are also very thin to increase sensitivity. Love em!

CB - Memphis, TN - 3 Stars

Nothing wrong or offensive about these. It's a very good overall condom; but nothing special to make it worth the extra cost.

It doesn't seem any bigger than an average-size Durex Extra Sensitive to me.

If you're on the thicker side, you'd be happier with Durex Love or LifeStyles Ultra Thin while spending less money.

N - Canada - 2 Stars

I was very excited to buy these for my fiance and I only to be disappointed.

They are far too small. For one they wouldn't roll all the way down the shaft of the penis. The condom would end up in the middle. They would be so tight it would cause my fiance pain. We tried it 4-5 different times and they would not work.

These would only be good if you aren't very long and don't have a large width. These shouldn't be labeled Large.

YL - Lancaster,SC - 1 Stars

Loved the extra head room, but needed to lube twice. Wife hated them.

Sammy - Charlotte, NC - 3 Stars

Not big enough for my boyfriend. A little too tight.

Gary D - Cleveland, Ohio - 4 Stars

Larger than average size condoms, but smaller than Magnums. That said, they were good with the sensitivity and still did its job.

Doug - Chicago, IL - 5 Stars

I have been using the Kimono condoms for the past few months, and I am happy with them. Sex feels amazing with them. Could be slightly bigger.

Joey Boy - NYC - 5 Stars

Really good, well made condom. Have not had one break on me. Like how I don't lose sensation with these.

Jeni - Perris, Ca - 5 Stars

I have tried so many different condom brands being someone who only has safe sex. These are by far some of the best they can dry out so I recommend Swiss Navy silicone lube what a great combo when paired with these. I have now been using these for a few years and try others now and then but always return to this brand. Only thing close so far is the Bravo wicked thins but they are out of stock now. Kimonos come in regular and large and every partner I have used them with asks what kind are they and where can they get them. Closest I have found to bareback so far. Just make sure you use lube if your partner doesn't get and stay wet. Oh and they can sometimes be difficult to roll down because of how thin they are just slow down. I have never had one of these break they are super strong for being so very thin!! A+++++ all the way for me!!!

Nic - Los Angeles - 5 Stars

I gave these a "5" for feeling. These almost enhanced sensations, as opposed to the usual dulling effect of condoms on sex, which is something I haven't experienced with any other condom.

Sherry - cIFoTf9x - 1 Stars

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jody - - 5 Stars

Very sensitive. Less lube than some others which I find is a good thing.

Tim Webster - - 5 Stars

I like the feel of this product.

Jam Master M - - 5 Stars

Best condom for my unit. We are all different. Also. Thinnest I've ever used. Going on 6 years use consistently. I test others from time to time. They never make the grade.

Rob Mc - - 5 Stars

GREAT product!!! Outstanding feel!

Daniel - - 5 Stars

Great product! Just the right fit. So nice to finally not mind using a condom so much.

Sor John - - 5 Stars

Fits great

Julian - Milwaukee, WI - 1 Stars

I was told by a girl at a sex shop that these would be bigger than the Magnums, but after coming here I see they are actually skinnier. I guess these are so guys feel they are need a "large" condom. Go for the MAgnum XL if you are wide.

Anonymous - CA, USA - 2 Stars

My man was still to wide for these, and these were reccomended after the Crown Skinless Skin were too tight for him. Not very much lube on these either. The Vivid Large were the best for us.

Jay W - Athens, GA - 5 Stars

These are some of the best condoms I've come across. Working in an adult store, I got a chance to try out a large variety of condoms and found Kimono brand to be the thinnest and most comfortable. The regular size were a bit too small as I have both width and girth. The larger variety work for most of the guys I know. I've recommended them in the past to others and have yet to have anyone not give them rave reviews.

Tom - Orlando, FL - 1 Stars

Maybe large for Kimono, but tighter than the Trojan Magnum. If you're used to Magnums you'll find these too small.

Miss Kitty - Alexandria, VA - 1 Stars

My guy and I usually use Magnum XL, but wanted something thinner. These were not nearly big enough. YIKES!

P. - Cleveland, OH - 5 Stars

Great condom! Biggest/Sensitive I've tried. Much better than Crown. They are still a bit constrictive compared to a Magnum type, but it's worth the sacrafice for the sensitivity. I just can't get off with thicker condoms like Magnums. Until, there is a 'ultra thin' Magnum then these are the ones to use!

Gary - Laguna Ca - 4 Stars

they were still too snug, especially around the base, but so have all the rest been.Wow for the sensitivity tho.
Since they all are too tight ill use these for better feeling

W - LA - 4 Stars

These are better than the thicker Magnum's, that's for sure. BUT, OUCH! A little on the dry side down the shaft. The base is so snug and dry, it can pull the curlies and skin out, so be careful. I also find it a little tricky to slide down, as it often doubles up on itself. Sort of hit and miss. Granted, once it's on, it sure doesn't easily slip off at inopportune times. :)

Annie - Boston, MA - 5 Stars

Kimono condoms are awesome. It's deceiving to look at just the measured size, because these are a lot more stretchier, which also gives the added bonus that they become thinner. One time I tried the flavored Durex and it covered only 2/3 of the penis, but when I went to check the size of them on Condom Depot to see just how small they were, I was surprised that they were the same as Kimono Type E. So when Kimono Large says 2in, it stretches out way better than a lot of other brands.

Patrick - Montreal - 1 Stars

VERY tight !
no way this is a large ! I've used Barebacks and they weren't as tight as these. Still looking for a good thin large condom

Dave - Cincinnati, OH - 1 Stars

I bought these to try something other than Trojan mags....Bad choice!!! They were way too tight and ended up breaking on us while we were having sex. I guess these are what the Japanese consider large...The rest of course went in the trash...I would pass on these "Reg size" condoms and stick with what your used to!

Lisa89 - Chicago,illinois - 3 Stars

it dried out fast and didn't feel that amazing,we like other condoms way better but overall it gets the job done!

Lance - Orlando, FL - 5 Stars

These condoms feel great. You can actually feel something when they are on. With that being said, they are larger than average condoms, but a step up, not as big as magnums. Sensation with these things is A+!

Mike - Fremont, CA - 1 Stars

They are thin, but way too narrow. I expected the width of a Trojan Magnum, but it seemed like normal width and did not fit me.

Bob - Long Island, NY - 1 Stars

The very thin latex would probably feel real nice if it weren't for the too narrow (and thin) ring at base. Feels like being strangled with a piece of fishing line, really quite painful for me. I'm 6" circumference, 7" length. Hope this helps.

John - Ottawa, ON - 2 Stars

Way too small, difficult to unroll and need extra lube. Back to Durex.

Q - Boise, ID - 5 Stars

i don't know what this other guy is talking about. I've tried A LOT of the larger condoms, and what I've determined is that each comdom is like a shoe, it either fits your foot comfortably or not.

out of the dozen or more larger condoms i've tried, these by far are the best for fit and durability. you can make water balloon condoms out of these!

i've used the magnums that that guy mentioned before, they were freakin thick. i couldn't feel very much, and it cut off circulation.

these are my condom of choice!

doug - Jacksonville, Fl - 5 Stars

These condoms fit about the same as the trojan magnum but are wider at the base. The thin material feels so good!

Dr.Libido - Toronto,Ontario - 5 Stars

--Ok lets excuse the previous comment from Julian. Sorry top bicker but there's no (not so) subliminal big dick bragging here. Just a review --

I've shopped around for some time before I came to these Kimino's. Magnums offer minimal feeling compared to these and as a result I endorse the hell out of Kimono's Large if you're someone who can endure sensations without a condom. It's basically as good as it gets with a condom on. There isn't an ounce of misadvertisement. The strength is impressive. I've yet to break one, although my partner gets very wet so it's clearly circumstantial as far as NOT breaking. BUT I can vouch that they are stronger than durex. And possibly Trojan Magnums as I've had them break on me in the past. Unrealiable condom really.

It's main con is it's price as it comes at more than double the price of most competitors.

In conclusion though, it's a fantastic condom and has been worth every penny and then some in pleasure.

Enjoy~ DL

Michael - Indiana - 5 Stars

Really good condom. They are very thin and very strong. I have not had one break. They are a little tight on the shaft and head, but the base is slightly larger than that of a Magnum. Just like every other condom, use lube with it and chances are iti won't break.

David I. - Portland, OR - 5 Stars

I've tried a lot of different condoms and these ones by far give the best sensation. It feels like you are actually having sex, as opposed to taking all sensation out of your penis. In the past six months these are the only condoms I've been able to cum while wearing during sex.

Andrew - Detroit, MI - 1 Stars

There is hardly any lube! My penis is now called the Kimono Dragon, it breaths chaffing fire!

Mike - Los Angeles, CA - 4 Stars

There isn't much lube on these at all, so i would definitely recommend putting extra on. I also don't see how these are a large condom because they feel way tighter then magnum xl and magnum. That said, they feel incredibly thin, one of the thinnest i've ever felt!

I.Thomas - New York, New York - 3 Stars

Were fine up until one broke. No longer recommended because having one break is the scariest thing ever.

Mike Blackwood - Reno, NV - 3 Stars

These are better, thickness-wise, than the MAXX but like others have mentioned, it is a little bit more snug than I care for. If Kimono can make the newer batches of MicroThin Large with the same width as the MAXX, we'd be happy campers.This product performs nicely and doesn't have the overly latex smell that permeates through like a Trojan or LifeStyles or Durex.

John & Sallie - Dallas, TX - 5 Stars

This is an excellent product. After using such brands as Twisted Pleasure, Trojan Ecstasy, and Lifestyles. We can both attest to the superiority and comfort of this condom.

William - Oakland CA - 5 Stars

These are pretty much all I've used for a few years now. There are several reasons why:
They are thin as anything on the market, if not thinner.
They are stronger and more durable than any Trojan or Durex product.
I am larger and these fit great for me, if they are snug for you, then look into other sizes on this site. Vivid and Bravo seem to be the largest and thinnest above these.
I can not say enough about these condoms. I whole heartedly think that they are some of the best out there and I would recommend them to anyone.

Daniel - Toronto, Ontario - 5 Stars

Best condom used to date, sadly it has a silicone lube so i cant use it with Tantus toys. However, amazing fit. They dont snag when you put them on.

Rocky - San Francisco, CA - 5 Stars

Hands down best condom I've ever used. If you're thick, sure they are a lil tight, but c'mon, it helps keep the blood where it's supposed to be. Length wise, they cover what you need to and if you've got some extra hangin out, its all good. They are INCREDIBLY thin compared to Magnums. After switching to these, a Magnum truly feels like a trash bag. If you're using a Magnum because women associate it with "packen", you better think again because you're missing out on a way better sensation. Bottom line, I'll never go back to using a Magnum and my guess is that most every guy who uses one of those simply does so because of the association. Get over it and get back to actually feeling the sex! Use this condom.

Jeni - California - 5 Stars

As a woman I have to say these are my favorite condoms but I equally like the Bravo wicked thins. I have tried them all I now buy Kimono in regular and large and the Bravos in both sizes! I hate the lubes that trojan uses these dont bother me at all and I will ummm go down after one comes off I wont with other brands. No funky smell or taste left behind!! Also every guy I have ever used one with asks me about them and then starts buying these! BY far the closest feeling to bareback and I have NEVER had one break. I would recommend these to everyone I know and I do!!! Try them you will love them!

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