Golden Bullet

Golden Bullet

By California Exotics Novelties

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Perfect For All Removable Bullet Vibrators or use it by itself!

Customize your erotic toys or excite yourself with the versatile Golden Bullet and its ultra powerful 2AA Battery Pack! Just pop the Golden Bullet into your favorite pleasure device or use this special stimulator on your favorite erogenous zone and enjoy the powerful vibrations! Multi-speed so you control the vibrations from high to low.

Golden Bullet Specs

Made Of Plastic
Noise LevelQuieterNoise Level: 6/10Louder
Power LevelGentle  Power Level: 8/10Powerful
Powered By 2 AA Batteries
Speed Multi-Speed

Golden Bullet Reviews

4.2 star rating (5 reviews) write a review
Debbie - Ohio - 5 Stars

This bullet is awesome best vibe i ever owned!!! 5 stars!!!!

Sarah - Toledo, Oh - 3 Stars

This is amazing but the product only lasted a few months. I have bought two and the same thing happened to both.

Marianna - Burlington VT - 5 Stars

Amazing, but shorts out lately and I have had it for only a couple months. Does the job though! Cheap price!

Tracy - CO - 5 Stars

I love this bullet when it is brand new but with use the cord begins to short out leaving me frustrated. I've purchased a few of these and it happens with each one. Now I'm on to something bigger and better - I hope!

sarah - ann arbor, mi - 3 Stars

this is a good vibe.. but it did not last long.. I would say 3 to 4 months tops

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