Sheer Glyde Dental Dams

Sheer Glyde Dental Dams

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While many dental dams are designed for use in the dentist office, Sheer GLYDE dental dams were specifically designed for use as a protective barrier during sexual activity. With a new, improved look, these oral dams have colorful, compact packaging and assorted flavors. Sheer GLYDE dental dams are certified ethical and vegan, with absolutely no animal testing or ingredients whatsoever.

Sheer GLYDE Benefits:

- Sheer GLYDE is the only oral dam on the market with a hermetically sealed package for increased safety.
- Sheer GLYDE dams are available in assorted flavors: Strawberry, Wildberry, Vanilla and Spearmint.
- 6 x 10 inch thin latex sheets.
- Cleared for sale by FDA and EU.



What Sheer GLYDE flavors are included?

The included flavors are Strawberry, Wildberry, Vanilla and Spearmint. The Four Pack contains 1 of each flavor. Twelve Pack contains 3 of each flavor!







The Sheer GLYDE is one of the best dental dams available on our site. Condom Depot is proud to offer this high quality dam which has been approved as a protective barrier against STD infection by the FDA and EU when correctly used. We have a huge selection of other flavored safe sex products as well, including flavored condoms and flavored lubes.
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